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  • Blog: Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio Divides Us Between Red Plates and Blue Plates
  • Press Release: Sustainable Growth Rate Repeal Bill Will Harm Medicare Patients
  • National Policy Analysis: SGR Repeal Bill Will Harm Medicare Patients, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Repealing the SGR Without Adding (Too Much) to the Deficit
  • Blog: #StarbucksCoffeeIsMorallySuperior
  • Blog: ObamaCare At Five: Lipstick on a Pig
  • Press Release: Liberal Race-Card Tactics Condemned in Loretta Lynch Attorney General Confirmation Process
  • Blog: Upset with Ringling Bros. for Taking Elephants out of the Circus? Blame PETA Instead
  • Blog: Loretta Lynch Race Card Tactics Rebuffed by Black Conservatives
  • Blog: Hey Amy & David, You Should Adopt This Policy for NCPPR!
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends: Government Incompetence Edition
  • Blog: Conservative and Libertarian Alternatives to ObamaCare
  • Blog: Many Changed Their ObamaCare Plans Because It Was Too Expensive Not To
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama Immigration Policy Questions His Commitment to Making Black Lives Matter, by Ted Hayes
  • Press Release: Free Market Leader Questions Walt Disney on Worker Freedoms
  • Blog: Fixing Veterans Health Care
  • Blog: The VA Scandal May Be Much Worse
  • Press Release: Consumer Product Safety Commission Fails to Adhere to Guidelines During Process of Phthalate Alternative Rulemaking
  • Blog: Gender-Bending Gym Rule Goes Too Far in Catering to LGBT Agenda
  • Blog: Project 21's LeBon Defends Voter ID, Decries Big Government Abuses on MSNBC
  • Press Release: Tim Cook has Another "Tim Cook Moment"; Denigrates Capitalism at Apple Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Transparency Urged for Apple at Shareholder Meeting Today
  • Blog: Risk Analysis Division's Comments to Consumer Product Safety Commission on Proposed Chemical Ban
  • Blog: A Lefty Admits That ObamaCare Has Made Us More Dependent on Government
  • Blog: Hard Truths Overshadow Happiness about Unemployment Figures — "About Those Jobs Numbers" for February 2015
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Comment on Selma "Bloody Sunday" 50th Anniversary
  • Blog: King v. Burwell--Will Kennedy Swing Left?
  • Blog: King v. Burwell: End of ObamaCare?
  • Press Release: Not So Fast, Liberal Media: There are a Dozen Free-Market Alternatives to ObamaCare
  • National Policy Analysis: If Plaintiffs Prevail in King v. Burwell, Conservatives and Libertarians Have Many Health Care Reform Options Ready to Help People who Lose ObamaCare Subsidies, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Republicans Usually Ask for Higher Spending During "Members' Day." This Year, Some Called for Cuts
  • Blog: Project 21 Member Wins CPAC Blogger Award
  • Press Release: Free Market Group Working to Protect Employment Freedoms to Respond to Costco Chairman's Allegations at CPAC 2015
  • Blog: Who Photobombed Col. Allen West?
  • Press Release: CEO of Farming Giant John Deere Challenged for Fighting Proposal to Protect Employees' Right to Engage in Private Political and Civic Activities on Their Own Time
  • Blog: The Dashing Federal Budget
  • Blog: Jeff Stier of the National Center and Niger Innis of Project 21 to Appear on Special CPAC Panel on Regulations and Freedom
  • Blog: Why We Don't Believe Costco Chairman Jeffrey Brotman
  • Blog: ObamaCare Taxes the Poor
  • Blog: ObamaCare Exchanges: Goal-Post Shifting And Glitches
  • Blog: King Obama Creates a Privileged ObamaCare Class
  • Press Release: Project 21 Members Call Rumored Federal Lawsuit Against Ferguson Police Department a Misguided Attempt for "Pound of Flesh"
  • Blog: National Center's Stier Explains the Animal Extremist Agenda against Mankind
  • Press Release: Federal Government's Dietary Guidelines Should Not Be Distorted By Environmental Activism
  • Blog: Democrats Made Their Individual Mandate Bed; Now They Can Lie in It
  • Blog: TV Host Mobilizes Viewers to Fight for National Center in Campaign for Political Freedom at Costco
  • New Visions Commentary: Fiscal Literacy Needed to Avoid Poverty Traps, by Fred Banyon
  • Blog: Major Online Retailer Offers 10 Percent Off for Customers Typing "Liberty" at Checkout
  • Blog: TV Host Amato Takes Up National Center Cause, to Announce Campaign Against Costco Tuesday Night
  • Blog: Obama Displays His Ignorance While Getting on High Horse
  • Blog: ObamaCare: Patients Pay the Cost, Social Engineers Do Not
  • Blog: Why Do We Have a Lower Ethical Standard for Presidents Than for News Anchors?
  • Blog: Gianno Caldwell's Project 21 Media Debut Tackles Ukraine, ISIS and Other Foreign Policy Issues - and Brian Williams
  • Press Release: Message to Jesse Jackson: Stop Lying About the Voting Rights Act
  • Press Release: NBC's Brian Williams Scandal Could Have Been Avoided
  • Blog: Behind the Gun, Another Community Activist Gains Clarity regarding Police Procedures
  • Blog: About Those Jobs Numbers for January: Obama?s Economic Bravado Relies on Defining down Success
  • Blog: New Study: Three Ways Consumers Could Pay Exorbitantly Higher Premiums on the ObamaCare Exchanges in 2015
  • Press Release: ObamaCare Customers Should Beware of Higher Prices
  • National Policy Analysis: Three Ways Consumers Could Pay Exorbitantly Higher Premiums on the ObamaCare Exchanges in 2015
  • Blog: IRS Gives ObamaCare Tax Delinquents Special Treatment
  • Press Release: Washington State Considers Criminalizing Holding Whales and Dolphins in Aquariums
  • Press Release: Leading Free Market Group Asks Dozens of Major American Companies to Protect Workers' Right to Freely Engage in Political and Civic Activities
  • Blog: CoOportunity Health: The Solyndra of ObamaCare
  • Blog: "Government Overreach" Lands Parents in Hot Water for Letting Kids Walk to Park Alone
  • Blog: Illegal Immigration Has Black Americans "Struggling for Our Very Lives"
  • New Visions Commentary: To Improve Race Relations, Don't Suppress Your Race, by Stacy Washington
  • Blog: Project 21's Emmett an Early Critic of Obama's "Free" Community College Plan
  • Press Release: Visa, Inc. Leaders Balk at Request to Support Free and Open Internet
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama Should Work with the New Congress to Reinstate the Clinton-GOP Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, by Gianno Caldwell
  • Blog: HealthCare.Gov: Incompetence on a Massive Scale
  • Press Release: Governor John Kasich (R-OH) Should Stop Insisting Christians Must Support ObamaCare's Medicaid Expansion
  • Blog: Parody: Why All Good Christians Must Support ObamaCare?s Medicaid Expansion
  • Blog: Medicaid Money Laundering--It's Perfectly Legal!
  • Blog: Project 21 Membership Tackles Tough Middle East, Islam Issues
  • Blog: Black Conservatives Say Newest Drive for Redskins Name Change Fouls Free Speech
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Tear Down Leftist Infrastructure Deception
  • Blog: Post Coverage of March for Life Suggests Liberal Newsroom Is Reasserting Control
  • Blog: Thomas Sowell: Welfare, Not Slavery Or Racism, Cause Of Racial Inequality
  • Blog: Project 21's Gardner Answers the Question: "What Would Martin Luther King, Jr. Say?"
  • Blog: Thomas Sowell: 'Resentment' of America Fueling Obama Amnesty
  • Blog: ObamaCare's 'Success' Is One of Making Americans More Dependent on Government
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Critique President Obama's State of the Union Address
  • Blog: Thomas Sowell: Unrest Suits Sharpton's 'Income Interests'
  • Blog: Project 21 Member's Spiritual and Racial Redemption Highlighted by National Black Radio Network
  • Blog: Despite the Rise of the Race Hustlers, America's Youth Provide Optimism for a More Perfect Union
  • Blog: Race-Conscious Public Policy Puts Public at Risk in Buffalo, NY
  • New Visions Commentary: Low Gas Prices Could Ultimately Hurt U.S. Economy, by Fred Banyon
  • Blog: Creating Unjustified Racial Strife Dishonors MLK Legacy
  • Press Release: National Center Risk Analysis Division Director Comments on Michigan Governor Snyder's Veto of Bill to Ban Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Available to Discuss Importance, Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Blog: E-Cigarettes Help Tobacco Smokers Quit - Public Health Groups Should Get Out of Their Way
  • New Visions Commentary: The "Black Lives Matter" Slogan Ignores Self-Destructive Behavior, by Derryck Green
  • New Visions Commentary: How to Make Media Coverage of Race a Force for Unity, by Hughey Newsome
  • New Visions Commentary: Important Questions and a Few Easy Steps to Stop an American Ebola Outbreak, by Kevin L. Martin
  • New Visions Commentary: Blacks' "Wartime" Mentality Disregarding Opportunity Makes Them Their Own Worst Enemy, by Christopher Arps
  • Blog: ObamaCare: Is 40 Hours Worse than 30?
  • Blog: Armed and at Risk, Police Critic Learns the Value of Compliance with Cops
  • Blog: About Those Jobs Numbers for December: The Devil Is in the Details
  • Press Release: "Racially Motivated" Hiring Hurting White Firemen Challenged by Black Activists in Court
  • Blog: Michigan Legislators Got E-Cig Regulation Right. Will Governor Snyder Drop the Ball? RAD Sets Record Straight
  • Blog: Sometimes Reality Even Finds Its Way into Harvard
  • Blog: Pulling Back the Curtain on Sharpton's Activism and Obama's Regulations
  • Blog: Horace Cooper on Hannity, Speaking on Scalise Non-Scandal
  • Blog: With New Technology, FBI Has "No Business" Snooping on Cell Phones without Warrants
  • Blog: Occupy Organizer Further Radicalizing Ferguson Protests
  • Blog: Project 21's Emmett Discusses Police-Black Community Relations


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