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  • Request: Give the Gift of Liberty
  • Steven Crowder Video: Debating Occupiers!
  • New Visions Commentary: Simple, Complex Community Service Suggestions for Black Churches, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • New Visions Commentary:Time for Change on Black America's "National Anthem," by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Steven Crowder Video: Lil' Kim Jong's LAST VIDEOTAPE!
  • Blog: Horace Cooper on the "Heavy-Handed" Federal Cell Phone Assault
  • Blog: Comedians Debate Tea Party/Occupy Wall Street on Canadian Radio
  • Blog: Horace Cooper Pans Federal Pressure for Phone/Driving Ban
  • Press Release: President Obama Gives Hardworking Families Higher Electricity Prices for Christmas
  • Blog: A History of Bans: My Book Review in Reason
  • Blog: Reflections About Dr. Chris Raines from a Friend, Colleague, and Follower
  • Blog: Remember the Greens: Crony Capitalists Not Only Ones to Blame for Unforceable Light Bulb Ban
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Reacts to One-Year Delay in Enforcement of De Facto Light Bulb Ban
  • Blog: Opponents of Light Bulb Ban Win a Big Round, But Battle Far from Over
  • National Policy Analysis: NTSB's Cell Phone Ban is the Nanny State on Steroids, by Horace Cooper
  • Blog: Occupy the State Theatre? Not me!
  • Blog: Missile Defense: A Missed Opportunity
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Say Attorney General Holder's Tuesday Night Speech at LBJ Library Was Partisan and Racialist
  • National Policy Analysis: Five Myths About the Federal Incandescent Light Bulb Ban, by Amy Ridenour
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Reacts to Ban on Use of Cell Phones While Driving
  • Blog: Project 21's Jones to Attorney General Holder: Treat Voting Like Banking
  • New Visions Commentary: We've Been There Before, by Jimmie L. Hollis
  • New Visions Commentary: Giving the SAT to the TSA, by Cherylyn Harley LeBon
  • Blog: Do As Russell Simmons Does, Not As He Says
  • Blog: "Occupy Wall Street 101" Panned by Project 21 Fellow
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: Obama Responsible for Poor Economy
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Critical of NAACP on Eve of Saturday's NAACP New York "Mobilization"
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli on "Fast and Furious" Scandal
  • Steven Crowder Video: Quebec Corner's Politically Correct Christmas!
  • Blog: Diversity Zealot-in-Chief
  • New Visions Commentary: Silencing of the Black Conservative, by Lisa Fritsch
  • Press Release: President Obama's Anti-Coal Agenda Threatens Reliability of our Electricity Supply
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama Being Paternal and Patronizing to the CBC Crowd, by Charles Butler
  • New Visions Commentary: Those Who Make Nothing, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Blog: There's Something Not Kosher About The Sustainability Movement
  • Blog: National Center's Stier Explains How Water May Not Be Wet Enough for Regulators in Europe
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli Talks Digital Privacy
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: Obama's "Excessive Celebration" on Jobless Numbers
  • Steven Crowder Video: Miley Cyrus + Jimmy Fallon OMG!!
  • Press Release: ObamaCare-Funded Federal Program Leads to Crackdown on E-Cigarettes
  • Blog: Occupy Wall Street: Brought to You by the SEIU
  • Blog: National Review Online today: The Happy Meal Ban Flops
  • Blog: Project 21's Jerome Hudson Calls Out Maxine Waters, Occupy Wall Street Supporters
  • Blog: Borelli on Supercommittee Failure and Taxpayer Costs for Occupy Protests
  • Blog: Google Abandons Green Energy Project
  • New Visions Commentary: Black Lawmakers Play the Victim, by Christopher Arps
  • Press Release: Federal Judge's Ruling is Wrong, Says Scholar: The Three Dozen States Considering Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients Can Do So Under the Law and U.S. Constitution
  • Steven Crowder Video: Occupy's Greatest Hits!
  • New Visions Commentary: President Obama Owes Black Americans the Truth, Not Special Attention, by Stacy Swimp
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Reject Jesse Jackson's Comparison of Occupy Wall Street Efforts to Civil Rights Movement
  • Blog: School Daze: Project 21's Borelli Reacts to Classroom Craziness
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli on Congressional Cop-Outs and Controversy
  • Blog: Steven Crowder: Obama Improperly Handling Occupy Wall Street Protesters
  • Blog: Lisa Fritsch of Project 21 on Occupy Radicalism
  • Blog: Google Executive Gets Green Honor for Spending Shareholder Green
  • Press Release: National Center's Comedic Filmmaker Visits "Occupy" Camps in Four States
  • Blog: Black Conservatives Demand Pelosi, NAACP and Other Liberals Renounce and Apologize for Occupy Wall Street Outrageousness
  • Blog: Star-Spangled Banner Does Not Wave in California
  • Blog: On Veteran's Day, We Remember the Importance of What American Soldiers Achieved in Iraq
  • Steven Crowder Video: Crowder Occupies Wall Street!
  • Press Release: Citing Economic Costs of EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, Black Conservatives Rally in Support of Rand Paul Resolution to Block It
  • Blog: President Obama: Subpoenas for Thee But Not for Me
  • Blog: Senate Missile Defense Strategy Strikes Right Balance
  • National Policy Analysis: Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients is Sound, Sensible and Constitutional, by Horace Cooper
  • Blog: Kennedy Center Comedy Honors: Not Very Funny
  • Blog: Borelli: "You Can't Force a Market" with Crony Capitalism
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: Privatize the TSA
  • New Visions Commentary: When Will Black America Wake Up? by Jerome Hudson
  • Press Release: Project 21 Blasts PETA for Equating Whales in Pens to Shackled Human Slaves
  • New Visions Commentary: Tea Party is the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement, by Stacy Swimp
  • Steven Crowder Video: #OccupyRacism!!!
  • New Visions Commentary: Morgan Freeman is Wrong, by Deneen Borelli
  • Blog: Tom Borelli on Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party Politics
  • Press Release: More Crony Capitalism from Federal Government's Clean Energy Push
  • Blog: Obamanomics and the Economics of Repaying Student Loans
  • Blog: Project 21's Deneen Borelli on Reality Television's Bad Influence
  • Blog: National Center's Steven Crowder on Occupy Wall Street's Leftist Folly
  • Blog: More Tales from Occupy D.C
  • Blog: Project 21's Stacy Swimp on America’s Role in Gaddafi's Demise
  • Blog: Project 21 Appeals to U.S. Supreme Court
  • Press Release: Black Organization Joins Supreme Court Brief in Fisher v. University of Texas
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: It's "Insane" to Equate Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street
  • Blog: Susan Sarandon: Protesting All the Way to the Bank
  • Blog: Government Run Healthcare Skews Science
  • Blog: Borelli: Radical Free Reign at Occupy Wall Street Diverts Protesters From Real Problem
  • Steven Crowder Video: OCCUPIED!! Wall Street Hippies
  • Press Release: Black Activists Object to Extremist Rhetoric From Obama and Supporters in Defense of Expensive Jobs Bill
  • Blog: Borelli Discusses Occupy Wall Street on Monday Night's "Hannity"
  • Blog: Politicization of MLK Memorial Dedication Concerns Project 21's Borelli
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli Cites Differences Between MLK Legacy and Occupy Wall Street Agenda
  • Blog: Announcing GroupSnoop.org!
  • Press Release: GroupSnoop.org Launches to Provide Background, Data on Nation's Most Influential Public Policy Non-Profits
  • Introducing a New Resource: GroupSnoop
  • Press Release: Obama's Jobs Panel's Recommendations Infested by Conflicts of Interest
  • Blog: Occupation Army Denies Civil Rights Hero a Chance to Speak
  • Blog: Young Blood on the White House Staff
  • Blog: Greetings from Occupied D.C.
  • New Visions Commentary: "Elite Liberal Libelers": The Modern Face of Black-on-Black Crime, by Lisa Fritsch
  • New Visions Commentary: President Obama Losing his Base, and Others, by Charles Butler
  • New Visions Commentary: Government Regulation Will Literally Take People's Breath Away, by Bob Parks
  • Blog: Do Democrats Want a Vote on the Jobs Bill? It Seems They Can't Decide
  • Press Release: Group Calls "Foul" on Major League Baseball's Partnership with Radical Environmental Activists
  • Blog: Activists' Dangerous "Dirty Dozen" Drama Debunked; Media Dozes
  • Press Release: Black Activists Support Former BET CEO's Comments Against Obama Class Warfare
  • Blog: Michelle's Shopping Photo-Op Can't Erase the Obamas' Elite Lifestyle
  • Blog: Borelli Says Obama Right on Antiterrorism Tactic, Wrong on Shifting Economic Blame
  • Steven Crowder Video: Let's MOVE with Michelle Obama!
  • Blog: President's Annual School Address a Bitter Apple
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: CBC Not Standing Up to Obama and "Not Being Independent Thinkers"
  • Blog: Borelli: Morgan Freeman's Tea Party Accusation "Utterly Outrageous" and "Dangerous"
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli Speaks Out on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal
  • Blog: Child Burned Alive in Effort to Help Rich People Buy Carbon Offsets
  • Blog: New Video Betrays NAACP's Bizarre Logic
  • Blog: Liberal Journalist Attacks Obama Critic's Credibility, but Praised Same Author When He Criticized George Bush
  • Steven Crowder Video: Africa, Tour Dates and Milk!
  • Blog: Rangel Recognition Highlights a Counterproductive Congress
  • Blog: Conflicts of Interest or Conflict of Ideals?
  • Press Release: TRAIN Act Would Analyze Job-Killing Effect of Regulatory Madness at the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Blog: As Approval Sinks, Borelli Sees Rise in Obama Supporters' Hostility
  • Blog: Obama's Class Warfare is "Not Solving the Problem"
  • Blog: Cherylyn Harley LeBon of Project 21 on Mandatory D.C. Sex Ed Testing
  • Blog: Borelli: Solyndra "Just the Tip of the Iceberg"
  • Blog: Crowder Discusses Social Security and Ponzi Schemes on "Fox and Friends"
  • Blog: The Government War Against Quitting Smoking
  • Steven Crowder Video: Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?! Crowder Calls the SEC!
  • Press Release: Solyndra Shutdown is Straw that Broke the Solar Panel
  • New Visions Commentary: It's Once Again Time for Change, by Jimmie L. Hollis
  • Blog: Pebble Mine: A Gold Mine for Rare Earth Minerals as well as Copper and Gold
  • Press Release: Solyndra is only the Tip of the Crony Capitalism Iceberg
  • New Visions Commentary: How Well Do You Know Socialism? by Richard Dimery
  • New Visions Commentary: Where's the Proof to Crazy Claims About the Tea Party? by Deneen Borelli
  • Blog: Tom Borelli: Obama "Clueless" on Energy Policy
  • Blog: Borelli: 9/11 Heightened Civic Awareness, Participation
  • Blog: Project 21's Deneen Borelli Talks Post-9/11 America
  • Blog: Obama Needs Advisors with a Record of Achievement to Stimulate Growth in Private Sector, Not Failed "Crony Capitalists"
  • Press Release: President Obama Exposes Incompetence in Job Creation by Inviting Failed Crony Capitalist Jeff Immelt as Guest at Speech to Congress
  • Press Release: Black Activists Comment on Obama Jobs Speech
  • Press Release: Crowder Has Gas... and Obama Wants to Tax It
  • Steven Crowder Video: Crowder Has Gas... and Obama Wants to Tax It
  • Blog: Jeff Stier Analyzes Role of Surgeon General on NPR
  • Blog: MSNBC Can't Tell a Congressman from a Senator
  • Blog: Andre Carson Should Be Censured
  • Blog: Now He's Done It... NASA's Hansen Violates Code of Conduct
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli to Rep. Carson: "Where is Your Proof?"
  • Blog: Jobs Destroyer in Chief
  • Blog: Borelli: Obama/CBC Policies the Reason for Economic Stagnation, Joblessness
  • Blog: More Regulations Mean Fewer Jobs, Warns Project 21's Borelli
  • Blog: National Center Senior Fellow Jeff Stier Provides FDA Public Comment
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli on Krueger Nomination to Council of Economic Advisers
  • Press Release: Black Activists Repudiate Al Gore's Race Card Rhetoric in Support of More Regulation
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli: Regulations are "Killing Our Economy and Killing Jobs"
  • Steven Crowder Video: Go Green Now! (Crazy Pete Returns)
  • Press Release: It's the Environmental Protection Agency, Stupid
  • Blog: The Gray Lady Gets One Right
  • Blog: What is the Proper Role of the U.S. Surgeon General?
  • Blog: Project 21's Butler on Obama's Shrinking Support
  • Blog: Borelli: Fat Food Stamp Roll Indicates a White House Lean on Economic Ideas
  • National Policy Analysis: Upholding Constitutionality of Individual Mandate Would Set a Dangerous Precedent, by Horace Cooper
  • Blog: Does Mayor Bloomberg Stand to Profit from Sierra Club's "Beyond Coal" Campaign?
  • Blog: Video: Project 21's Deneen Borelli Talks Jobs on Fox
  • Blog: Tobacco Regulation: Can the European Union Learn From the United States FDA?
  • Blog: Why is Obama's EPA Forcing Power Plants to Close When Unemployment is So High?
  • Blog: Should the Food Stamp Program Be Expanded?
  • Blog: More Deneen Borelli Appearances on the Fox News Channel
  • Blog: New York Times Columnist Mark Bittman and the Food Police are Wrong
  • Steven Crowder Video: American Hardship
  • Blog: If Weight Loss Programs Were Debt Ceiling Deals...
  • Blog: Greens Squeeze Impoverished Out of Jobs
  • Video: On the Fox News Channel's "America's News HQ," Tom Borelli discusses evidence that the EPA misled the public about the impact of its new regulations on the reliability of the nation's electricity capacity
  • New Visions Commentary: Mayor Nutter's City of Tough Love, by Lisa Fritsch
  • National Policy Analysis: Congress Must End Power Grab by Unaccountable Bureaucrats, by Bonner R. Cohen
  • Blog: Fishy Business: The Bipartisan Effort to Shut Out Competition in the Salmon Industry
  • Blog: Bravo, Mayor Nutter
  • Blog: Zadroga Bill's Federal Dollars Trump Science for NY Politicians
  • Press Release: EPA Misleads Public on Impact of New Regulations on Electricity Reliability
  • Blog: Borelli: Obama, Not Tea Party, Responsible for Credit Downgrade
  • Blog: Deadbeat Britons Riot Seeking More Social Services, Thereby Forcing Cancellation of Some Social Services
  • Blog: One Minute Video: Unemployment Viewed Another Way
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Commend Philadelphia's Mayor Nutter for Giving Youth a Reality Check
  • National Policy Analysis: Obama's Wild Lands Will Hasten America's Decline, by Bonner R. Cohen
  • Blog: Washington Post Finds Room for Accuracy
  • Blog: Borelli Says Leadership Key to Economic Recovery
  • Press Release: Project 21's Cherylyn Harley LeBon Serves as Substitute Host for G. Gordon Liddy's Syndicated Talk Show August 9
  • Press Release: Black Activists: Tea Party Not Responsible for Credit Downgrade
  • Blog: Deneen Talks Spending, Suing and Social Networking on Fox News
  • Blog: Project 21's Deneen Borelli: Credit Downgrade Due to Poor Compromise
  • Blog: The Sad Truth About Media Coverage, and a Modest Plan for Reform
  • Blog: The Government War on Lemonade Stands, Mapped (Plus One)
  • Blog: John Kerry Deconstructed: Tea Party "Literally Ready to Cut the Baby in Half," So Media Should Censor It
  • New Visions Commentary: Debt Ceiling Fiasco Ignores Real Problems, by Charles Butler
  • Blog: Your Hamburger: The Newest Cause of Global Warming
  • New Visions Commentary: Wasserman Schultz's Racial Double Standard, by Deneen Borelli
  • New Visions Commentary: How to Really Win the Future, by Jerome Hudson
  • New Visions Commentary: Wisdom of the Ages Applies to Today's Budget Blowout, by Christopher Arps
  • Blog: Are You a Spendaholic? A Questionnaire for Members of Congress
  • Blog: Salon Pins Blame for Planned Parenthood Vandalism on "Right Wing" Without Evidence
  • Blog: Rep. Hank Johnson's Greatest Hits
  • Blog: 41 Percent of Nation Self-Identifies as Conservative, Gallup Says
  • Blog: Washington Post Has No Room for Accuracy
  • Blog: Why is MoveOn.org Blaming Republicans?
  • Blog: CNN's Don Lemon: "I Just Want Simple Answers"
  • Blog: Media Lies Don't Change the Facts: Spending Must Be Cut
  • Blog: The New Guy Has a Point
  • Blog: Project 21's Horace Cooper on the Need for Ballot Integrity
  • Steven Crowder Video: Wall Street Shenanigans!
  • Blog: How the Media is Dangerously Inflating the Voices of Patient Activists
  • Blog: Hire that Felon, You Racist!
  • Blog: Crony Capitalism Strikes the Salmon Industry
  • New Visions Commentary: Is Gay Marriage Another Blow to the Struggling African-American Family? by Christopher Arps
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli on Taxes for Teen Smoking Survey and Free Contraceptive Services
  • Steven Crowder Video: Maher, Palin, Bachmann and Rape Jokes
  • Press Release: Mayor Bloomberg Joins Obama's War on Fossil Fuels by Donating $50 Million to Fund the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama's Policies are Causing Moral and Economic Decline, by Deneen Borelli
  • Blog: Paybacks, Cover-Ups, and Waste
  • Press Release: Black Activists Slam Rep. Wasserman Schultz's Targeted Attack on Black Colleague
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli on Citizen Frustration with Politics As Usual
  • Blog: The CIA's Fake Vaccination Fumble
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli Discusses Debt on Fox News
  • Blog: "The Light Bulb Ban Song" - Music and Lyrics
  • Steven Crowder Video: Keith Olbermann: The Lost Months
  • Blog: Salon Magazine's Weird Conservative Problem
  • Blog: Borelli Explains Liberal War on Conservative Women
  • Blog: Al Gore Tries Reality
  • Blog: NOAA, Row Your Boat Ashore … And Stay There
  • Press Release: House to Vote Again in Continuing Effort to Repeal Light Bulb Ban
  • Blog: Why Aren't the Debt Limit Talks on C-SPAN?
  • Blog: Feds Consider "Junk Food" Ad Ban With Backing of Nanny State Activists
  • Blog: Sherwood Schwartz, Thank You and Rest in Peace
  • Blog: ObamaCare's Taxpayer-Funded Social Engineering
  • Blog: Staying on Budget
  • Blog: The Flimsy Argument of the 'It's Not a Ban' Light Bulb Banners
  • Blog: Why Frum Forum is Wrong About the Light Bulb Ban
  • Press Release: Black Americans Comment on Debt Negotiations
  • Blog: Steven Crowder Talks Hollywood Liberalism on "Huckabee"
  • Blog: Federal Light Bulb Ban Faces First Official Challenge Monday
  • Steven Crowder Video: The Murder Circus!
  • Press Release: President Obama Escalates his War on Fossil Fuels; EPA's New Regulations Will Cost Jobs and Raise Electricity Prices
  • Press Release: U.S. House Expected to Vote on Repeal of Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Week of July 11
  • Blog: Chantix Study Underscores Need for Options for Smokers Trying to Quit
  • Press Release: Black Activists "Deeply Disappointed" in President Clinton's "Disingenuous" Racial Attack on Ballot Security Measures
  • New Visions Commentary: Dependent and Unable to Do for Self, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • New Visions Commentary: Mandated Testing Can Be a Mendacious Indicator, by Cherylyn Harley LeBon
  • Blog: In Memoriam, Lauren Giddings
  • Blog: The Media War on Conservative Women: Deneen Borelli Comments
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli on DSK, Shriver v. Schwarzenegger and Gender-Neutral Classrooms
  • Steven Crowder Video: Middleclass Warfare
  • Press Release: Senators Seek to Stymie Polling Place Protections
  • Blog: 6/30 Outrage of the Day
  • Blog: Play it Again, Senator Cantwell
  • Blog: Steven Crowder Dissects Jon Stewart on Fox News
  • Blog: NRO: Rebutting New York's Smoking Ban
  • Blog: 6/25 Outrage of the Day
  • Steven Crowder Video: Palestine Sucks
  • Blog: Video: Steven Crowder Worries that President Obama is Throwing Israel Under the Bus
  • Blog: Tapping Petro Reserve Called "Bad Move" by Project 21's Borelli
  • Press Release: Black Veterans Critical of Obama's Afghanistan Plans
  • Press Release: Black Activists Criticize Jesse Jackson on Voting Rights
  • Blog: Al Gore's Newest Hypocrisy
  • New Visions Commentary: Affirmative Action in Basketball? Not Good There... Or Anywhere, by Jerome Hudson
  • Blog: Borellis Talk Energy and the Economy with Glenn Beck
  • Blog: AUDIO: LaDona Harvey of KOGO San Diego Interviews Steven Crowder About Jon Stewart
  • New Visions Commentary: Voter ID is No Jim Crow — I Know, by Charles Butler
  • Blog: Project 21's Charles Butler Defends Voter ID Laws in Daily Caller Commentary
  • Blog: National Center's Filmmaker Loses Manager Following Pressure from Jon Stewart's Daily Show
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli of Project 21 on School Nutrition Mandates: Worry About Scholarship, Not Sushi
  • Blog: Obama Administration Clips Boeing's Wings
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli on Liberal Media Bias and Official English
  • Press Release: "Juneteenth" Emancipation Observance Marks Revival of Virtues and Values
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: Wall Street Still Supports Obama
  • Blog: What is Google Hiding?
  • Steven Crowder Video: Jon Stewart Gets Mad!
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: Green Jobs Agenda is "Wealth Redistribution"
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli of Project 21 on Politicians' Arrogance
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli on Palin's E-mails and Weiner's Tweets
  • Press Release: Administration Energy Policy Linked to Black Jobless Rate
  • Blog: Pass the Salt? Nyet, Says Government
  • Press Release: Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness Meeting at Cree Inc. Highlights the Failure of the President's Economic Stimulus Plan
  • Blog: Am I a Moron, or is This a Good Question?
  • Blog: 6/10 Outrage of the Day
  • Blog: 6/9 Outrage of the Day
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama's Energy Policy Benefits America's Elites, by Deneen Borelli
  • New Visions Commentary: Forget the Debt Ceiling — Raise Our Moral Ceiling, by Jerome Hudson
  • Blog: Another Version of the Global Warming Story
  • Blog: Three "Pinocchios" Awarded to Obama for Telling Whoppers - by Washington Post!
  • Press Release: Despite Congressional Leader's Claim, Requiring an ID to Vote is Nothing Like Forced Segregation
  • Blog: Christie Takes New Jersey Out of Job-Killing Regional Cap-and-Trade Agreement
  • Press Release: Obama Commerce Nominee John Bryson Won't Deliver Jobs the Country Needs, says National Center for Public Policy Research
  • Press Release: Two Leading Liberals Condemned for Playing "Gender Card" to Push for Government Growth
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli on Chris Christie, John Edwards and New and Costly Federal Nutrition Standards
  • Blog: Nanny Staters Ban Anti-Tobacco E-Cig Device
  • Blog: Wonderful David v. Goliath Story
  • Blog: CDC Grants Exposed: Los Angeles Times op-ed
  • Blog: Anthony Weiner's Other Scandal
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli Discusses Google Board's Conflict of Interest Problem
  • Steven Crowder Video: Bigotry in Hollywood! (Jon Stewart Busted)
  • Press Release: Conflict of Interest Shareholder Proposal Presented to Google
  • Blog: Daily Caller: CDC Funding Left Wing Activists
  • Press Release: Google CEO Faces Conflict of Interest Shareholder Proposal
  • Blog: Even Bad Tax Policy Should Have Sanity
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Blast Liberals' Lack of Civility
  • Blog: Outrage of the Day
  • Steven Crowder Video: Is NOAA Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
  • Press Release: Is NOAA Smarter Than Fifth Graders? Think-Tank Says, "Don't Bet on It"
  • Blog: Washington Post Reports Oil Spill Not the Culprit in Turtle Deaths
  • New Visions Commentary: Libya: The Beginning of Obama's Quagmire? by Roscoe V. Brown, Jr.
  • New Visions Commentary: While Obama Bounces, America Declines, by Jerome Hudson
  • Blog: Outrage of the Day
  • Press Release: Black Conservative Tells Congress Obama's War on Fossil Fuels is "Bad Plan for Our Economy, Jobs and Hardworking Americans"
  • Press Release: Black Conservative to Testify Before Congress About Obama's War on Fossil Fuels
  • Press Release: Merck Doubles-Down on Liberalism, Reasserts Support for ObamaCare Following National Center for Public Policy Research Questioning at Shareholder Meeting
  • Blog: Germans Refuse to Use Ethanol to Fuel their Cars, NPR Reports
  • Press Release: Liberals Explain Net Neutrality to Steven Crowder - Or Try To
  • Steven Crowder Video: Can I Haz Interwebz? Net Neutrality Explained
  • Press Release: Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier to Be Challenged Over Merck's Pro-ObamaCare Lobbying
  • Blog: Best Health Care Video Ever? If Air Travel Worked Like Health Care
  • National Policy Analysis: Reining In Regulation by Delegation: A Guide to the REINS Act, by Ron Arnold
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli on Strauss-Kahn Scandal, Regulatory Language and NYFD Budget Cuts
  • Blog: Don't Be Fooled By Obama's Sudden and Supposed Support for Domestic Oil Production
  • Blog: Video: Deneen Borelli on Fox & Friends
  • Blog: The Debt Ceiling is an Opportunity, Says Reuters Columnist
  • Blog: Despite Practice, Obama "Town Halls" Fail to Gain Universal Applause
  • Blog: Three Cheers for Jim Mulva and a Handful of Other Business Executives Who Stood Up and Fought
  • Press Release: Ford Commits to Reconsidering USCAP Membership
  • Press Release: Ford CEO Alan Mullaly to Be Asked Why Ford is Lobbying for New Federal Laws to Limit Fossil Fuel Use at Company Shareholder Meeting Thursday
  • Blog: Digging Up Another Case of Wasteful Spending: USDA's School Lunch Gardens
  • Blog: Outrage of the Day
  • Blog: Economics 101: Consumers Will Pay for Higher Taxes on Energy Production
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli on Anti-Free Market CEOs
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: Bin Laden Death Didn't Jump-Start Economy
  • Steven Crowder Video: Osama Bin Laden's Leaked Tape
  • Blog: There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, Or a Free Day at the Beach
  • Blog: We've Got It: Osama Bin Laden's Last Tape
  • Press Release: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein to Face Climate Change Risk Disclosure Shareholder Proposal
  • Press Release: GE's Jeffrey Immelt Signals Surrender? CEO of Biggest Corporation Lobbying for Energy Restrictions and Bigger Government Suggests It May Be Returning to Its Roots
  • Press Release: Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers Takes Heat at Company's Annual Meeting for Promoting President Obama's War on Fossil Fuels
  • Blog: Local Media Coverage of Conservatives at Duke Energy Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Comment on Obama Appearance at Ground Zero
  • New Visions Commentary: 51 Million Reasons to End Federal Funded Abortions, by Jerome Hudson
  • New Visions Commentary: Social Networking to Achieve Racial Unity, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Examiner Columnist Highlights National Center Pressure on Duke Energy's Support for Liberal Policies
  • Blog: Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers Being Challenged Over Support of War on Energy
  • Press Release: Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers to be Challenged Over His Support of President Obama's War on Fossil Fuels by Stockholders at the Company Shareholder Meeting Thursday
  • Blog: 5/4 Outrage of the Day
  • Blog: Unknown No More
  • Blog: 5/3 Outrage of the Day
  • Blog: Where Have All the Energy Subsidies Gone?
  • Blog: 5/2 Outrage of the Day
  • Blog: The Truth About Oil Subsidies
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Give Credit Where Credit is Due on Bin Laden Operation
  • Steven Crowder Video: Barack for Brazil!! Featuring an All Star Cast
  • Blog: Free Enterprise Project's Tom Borelli: GE/Immelt "Needs Government Spending" to Succeed
  • Press Release: Johnson & Johnson CEO William C. Weldon Responds to National Center Questions About Firm's Pro-ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade Lobbying
  • Blog: Soaring Gas Prices: Obama Wish Come True
  • Press Release: Shareholders to Challenge Johnson & Johnson's Support for Left-Wing Policy Agenda
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama's Political Fears Led to Libya Indecision?
    by Horace Cooper
  • New Visions Commentary: Why Al Sharpton is Afraid of Black Conservatives, by Kevin Martin
  • Blog: 4/26 Outrage of the Day
  • Blog: Daily Caller Covers Wednesday's Scheduled Tea Party Rally Outside GE Meeting in Salt Lake City
  • Press Release: Tea Party Activists to Protest CEO Jeff Immelt Big-Government Business Strategy at GE's Annual Meeting
  • Press Release: Climate Change Risk Disclosure Shareholder Proposal Faces GE Shareholders
  • Blog: King & Spalding's Interesting Take on Tolerance
  • Blog: Oil Industry Profits as Cupcakes
  • Blog: A Two-Second Case Study in How Liberals Think
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli Talks Trump, Energy on Hannity's "Great American Panel"
  • Blog: Dear Shephard Smith, You're Not Helping
  • Blog: Never Hire King & Spalding
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli of Project 21 on Rail, Safe Skies and The Donald
  • Blog: Energy Problems are Obama Delivering on Campaign Promise
  • Blog: America Needs "Affordable, Reliable Energy"
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