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Issue 151 * February 6, 1997

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Environmental Policy Task Force Meeting: Activities at the January 31 Environmental Policy Task Force meeting chaired by David Ridenour of The National Center for Public Policy Research ((202) 507-6398).

16 Policy Leaders Ask Senate to Stop Use of FDA as a Police Force

Myron Ebell of Frontiers of Freedom discussed a letter sent by former Senator Malcolm Wallop of Frontiers and 16 leading policymakers to the Senate on FDA reform and the appointment of a new commissioner to replace departing commissioner David Kessler. The letter cited numerous problems with FDA management under Kessler, including criticism of an FDA "armed police force... raiding vitamin stores, doctor's officers, and orange juice companies." Contact Myron Ebell at 703/527-8282 or [email protected] (

Strategies on New Clean Air Standards Discussed

Dr. Bonner Cohen of EPA Watch, Dana Joel of Citizens for a Sound Economy and Craig Rucker at CFACT discussed strategies for opposing the EPA's stringent new standards. CSE has run radio ads, Joel said, and the Sierra Club responded by falsely claiming that the ads were pulled from a station because of inaccuracy. The Washington Post reprinted the Sierra Club's false claim and subsequently printed a retraction, Joel said, but, she noted, who sees corrections? CSE and the Sierra Club are sponsoring a mid-February debate on the topic. Dr. Cohen discussed a Senate hearing, expressing concern that proponents of the standards are better organized than critics. Rucker distributed a new paper: "Clean Air: A Nation Choking Itself on Ever-Tightening Standards." Contact Dana Joel at 202/783-3870, Bonner Cohen at 202/739-0179 and Craig Rucker at 202/429-2737.

Enviro Groups Propose Cutting Spending While Taking It;
UN Land-Grab Discussed

Kurt Christensen and John Rishel of the House Resources Committee staff discussed the "Green Scissors" report issued by some environmentalist and tax groups advocating cuts in the budget which, they say, will help the environment, and noted that many environmental groups endorsing the report receive substantial taxpayer monies. Rishel also discussed the continuing effort by the United Nations to extend its authority over lands in sovereign nations through two environmental programs, World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves. Rishel announced that 48 Congressmen have co-sponsored the American Land Sovereignty Protection Act to retain U.S. authority over U.S. lands. Only two Democrats have so far co-sponsored it, Rishel said. Jim Sheehan of the Competitive Enterprise institute noted that the UN is pursuing its environmental agenda under the guise of UN "reform," and also discussed "Hillary's new thing" -- microcredit. "This has to do with redistributing wealth through the banking system," he said. Contact Kurt Christensen/John Rishel at 202/226-0242, Jim Sheehan at 202/331-1010 or [email protected] (

If Humans Are Less Blessed than Fish, Why Do We Have Thumbs?

Chad Cowan of The National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) briefed participants on the January 28 "Joint Faith Meeting on the Environment," a bi-annual meeting of the liberal Evangelical Environmental Network. Cowan analyzed the group and cited examples of how it uses scriptural references out of context to promote its agenda; for instance, claiming that Genesis 1:22 means that animals are more blessed by God than are humans. David Ridenour of the NCPPR distributed information about a meeting of the Environmental Grantmakers Association, a group of several hundred foundation and corporate givers to the environmental movement who hold secret closed-door meetings with the goal of shaping the nation's environmental policy. Contact Chad Cowan/David Ridenour at (202) 507-6398 or [email protected] or [email protected].

Group to Ask Country: Are Kids More Important than Regulations?

Kathy McMichael of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) discussed a major project, the Partnership for Children's Education, to eliminate unnecessary regulations on schools so dollars spent on compliance can be spent on students. She distributed an issue brief detailing burdens placed on schools by regulations and an article about the project. Contact Kathy McMichael at 703/838-6782 or [email protected].

"Sustainable Development" is the Left's New Game Plan

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center discussed "Sustainable Development: A New Consensus," a report issued by President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development. "This is the entire environmental agenda. More than that, this is the entire agenda of the left wing... it's all in here," said DeWeese, who said copies of the report are available at 202/408-5926 or DeWeese distributed additional information. Contact Tom DeWeese at 703/925-0880.

Congressional Responsibility Act Puts Congress Back in Driver's Seat

Bob Holmes of the office of Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ) and Robert Wasinger of the office of Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) discussed the Congressional Responsibility Act, which would force federal government compliance with the Constitution, which grants sole legislative power to Congress. According to Rep. Hayworth, in 1995 federal bureaucrats crafted 3,544 regulations which, Hayworth says, "are in fact laws, as fines, punishment, or both are levied against the offenders." Handouts were distributed. Contact Bob Holmes at 202/225-2190 or [email protected] and Robert Wasinger at 202/224-8956 or [email protected].

Groups Disappointed by GOP's Unwillingness to Reform Bad Law

Brian Seacholes of the Competitive Enterprise Institute said that Senator Dirk Kempthorne has a draft of the Kempthorne-Chafee Endangered Species Act reform bill available in his office for comment until February 7. Seacholes, Jim Streeter of the National Wildlife Institute and Myron Ebell of Frontiers of Freedom called Kempthorne's bill a step in the wrong direction, with Ebell saying it is "discouraging" that even Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) is advocating only incremental changes in the ESA since the ESA has "fundamental flaws" in how it protects species (ineffectively) and hurts humans (effectively). Contact Brian Seascholes at 202/331-1010 or [email protected] (, Jim Streeter at 703/836-7404 and Myron Ebell at 703/527-8282 or [email protected] (

Bulletin Board: Publications, press releases, statements and plans of the conservative community.

African-American Group Defends Rep. J.C. Watts

The selection of Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK) to respond to the State of the Union address may confirm his status as a rising star in the GOP, but a more telling sign is the attacks on him by political opponents and the media, says the Project 21 in a statement. Criticized for referring to "race-hustling poverty pimps," Watts said he was not referring to any one person specifically. Even so, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. demanded an apology. Jackson Jr.'s office, however, refused to comment last year when asked by Project 21 about a harsh attack by Rep. Bill Clay (D-MO) against Rep. Gary Franks (R-CT). The statement quotes four Project 21 members, including Horace Cooper, Legislative Counsel to House Majority Leader Dick Armey, who said "While we agree it's inappropriate to describe Jesse Jackson as a 'race-hustling poverty pimp,' we are troubled by his seemingly long career in racial instigation, long-time promotion of big government liberal programs, and a willingness at self-promotion that goes beyond any appearance of genuinely working to help change the plight of the truly underprivileged." For copies of the full release contact Arturo Silva at (202) 507-6398 or [email protected] (*

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