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Issue 159 * April 10, 1997

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Environmental Policy Task Force: Activities at the April 7 Environmental Policy Task Force meeting chaired by David Ridenour of The National Center for Public Policy Research ((202) 507-6398).

New "Index of Leading Environmental Indicators" to be Released for Earth Day

Steve Hayward of the Pacific Research Institute reported that the Pacific Research Institute, in conjunction with the Fraser Institute of Canada, will release for Earth Day a "Index of Leading Environmental Indicators." The Index will provide easy-to-read charts, graphs and other quantifiable information showing changes in environmental quality in numerous categories (such as air and water quality; forest health; the amount of toxic chemicals exposed to the environment; the amount of land set aside for parks, wilderness and wildlife; species proliferation; chemical residues in fish and birds; more) for the U.S. and Canada. Contact Steve Hayward at 703/299-8368 or 415/989-0833 or [email protected].

EPA's Own Science Advisors Fail to Endorse New EPA Air Standards; Costs May Be As High As $383 Billion

Wendy Lee Gramm of the Regulatory Analysis Program of the Center for Study of Public Choice at George Mason University delivered to the Task Force the program's in-depth analysis of the EPA's newly-proposed air quality standards. The analysis points out that while the EPA estimates that partial compliance with the new standards would cost between $600 million and $6.3 billion annually for ozone and $6.3 billion annually for particulate matter, the program's analysis is that the true costs would be between $54 billion and $328 billion per year for ozone and $55 billion per year for fine particles. Further, the program notes, the EPA's proposals "do not offer a solid case for adopting more stringent ozone and particulate matter standards. EPA's science advisors to not endorse either proposal on public health grounds... In the case of ozone, more than 98% of the health benefits EPA claims the proposed standard will produce is based on one study that appears not to have been reviewed by EPA's science advisory committee." Contact Wendy Lee Gramm at 202/966-1479.

House Judiciary Members Plan Reform of Asset Forfeiture Law

Pat Callahan of the American Association of Small Property Ownership reported on the pending introduction of the Asset Fortfeiture Reform Act. Sponsored by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R-IL) and Judiciary Committee Members Rep. Bob Barr (R-FL), Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-MI) and Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), the bill provides seven reforms to a law the bill's sponsors' say is sometimes used in "terribly unjust ways." Under the present law, say the sponsors, "believe it or not, federal officials have the power to seize your home, your car, your business and your bank account -- all without indictment, hearing or trial." Callahan recited some horror stories about the impact the present law has had on law-abiding citizens and distributed a "Dear Colleague" letter written by the sponsors, along with a list of the reform bill's provisions. Contact Patricia Callahan at 202/244-6277 or [email protected].

New Treaty Would Undermine 4th and 5th Amendment Protections

Amy Ridenour of The National Center for Public Policy Research distributed for signatures a letter she is circulating questioning the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Treaty that would undermine Americans' 4th and 5th Amendment Constitutional protections. Contact Amy Ridenour at (202) 507-6398 or [email protected] (

Free Market Groups Invited to Join New 21-Member National Consumer Coalition

Fran Smith and Rich Zipperer of Consumer Alert discussed Consumer Alert's new "National Consumer Coalition," a coalition of 21 organizations committed to educating the public about the value to consumers of market-oriented approaches. The coalition, which includes such groups as Americans for Tax Reform, The National Center for Public Policy Research, the Heartland Institute, Citizens for a Sound Economy, CFACT and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, focuses particularly on the issues of the environment, finance (including Social Security and privacy issues), food/agriculture, health and safety, taxation, transportation, telecommunications, utilities/postal service and housing. Other free market organizations are invited to join. Contact Fran Smith and Rich Zipperer at 202/467-5807 or [email protected].

Ken Starr, Loren Smith, Rep. Bob Barr to Speak at Property Rights Conference

David Almasi of Defenders of Property Rights announced that Defenders will host a "1997 National Property Rights Conference" on May 13 in Arlington, Virginia. Confirmed speakers include Ken Starr, U.S. Court of Federal Claims Chief Judge Loren Smith and U.S. Representative Bob Barr (R-GA). For information of attending or sponsoring the conference contact David Almasi at 202/686-4197 or [email protected].

Clinton's Utah Land-Grab to Cost Federal Taxpayers $5-$10 Billion

Paul Clark of the Coalition for National Sovereignty discussed unresolved legal issues surrounding President Clinton's pre-election Escalante land grab in Utah, including a lawsuit based on the fact that state legislatures are supposed to be allowed to approve -- or disapprove -- such federal actions, yet the Utah legislature was not consulted. Clark noted that the Escalante land grab may cost U.S. taxpayers between $5-$10 billion dollars to resolve land claims. He also reported that legislation has been introduced in the U.S. Congress to further codify land-grab limitations on the federal government. Contact Paul Clark at 301/982-1360 or [email protected].

Big Labor Opposes "Global Warming" Pacts

John Shanahan of the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution reported that the AFL-CIO and other unions representing 32 million union members are opposing "global warming" agreements that are binding only on developed nations. "This could create some real problems for the Clinton Administration," he noted. Contact John Shanahan at 703/351-4969 or [email protected] (

Majority of Public Favors Replacing the Endangered Species Act with Incentive System

Myron Ebell of Frontiers for Freedom distributed a one-page comparison of polls on the Endangered Species Act from June 1995 and July 1996. The polls show that public support for replacing the Endangered Species Act with incentives to landowners to protect species on their property grew from 35% to 49% from 1995-96. By contrast, in 1996 11% favored continuing the present Endangered Species Act and 33% favored keeping the present act with the addition of compensation to people for property lost under the act. For a copy of the comparison of the polls' results and the polls' exact wording contact Myron Ebell at 703/527-8282 or [email protected] (

Bulletin Board: Publications, activities, statements and plans of the conservative community.

New Radio Program to Examine the Many Ways Gov't Costs Money

Citizens for a Sound Economy launched a new weekly radio program "It's Your Money" on April 5. The program, hosted by CSE Communications Director Brent Bahler, looks at the many ways government policies cost Americans money and is carried nationally by the Radio America network. In Washington D.C. it is heard from 11:05 am to noon Saturdays on WZFH AM 1390. Contact Brent Bahler at 202/783-3870 or [email protected] ( *

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