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Issue 112 * November 2, 1995

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Activities at the November 1 Wednesday Strategy Lunch chaired by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation/National Empowerment Television.

Congressmen Launch Effort to Keep U.S. Troops From Deployment in Bosnia

Rep. Mark Neumann (R-WI) and Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) discussed their opposition to deploying U.S. troops as peacekeepers in Bosnia. Said Neumann: "We are at D-Day on the Bosnia issue. [Congress has] passed a resolution that is non-binding... [but] Speaker Gingrich as told us that if you want to keep troops from going to Bosnia then the way to do it is through the appropriations process. The logical way is through the Defense Appropriations bill... when the Defense Appropriations bill goes back to Conference we have to contact those folks and make sure [a provision banning use of Defense funds for a Bosnia deployment] is in it when it comes out of conference." Said Stockman: "The President is listening to the United Nations more than to Congress. If you look at the restrictions being placed on our soldiers... they can't fight back... this is crazy... my fear is that we're going to get over there and it will be a quick quagmire." Rep. Neumann later added: "U.S. troops under foreign command lined up alongside Russian soldiers as a neutral peacekeeping force in a country where we've just bombed the living daylights out of one side makes no sense to me and makes no sense to the people of Bosnia. We say 'no' to troops in Bosnia." Rep. Neumann quotes Speaker Gingrich from the June 7, 1995 Congressional Record: "You want to cut off troops to Haiti or Somalia or you want to cut off troops in Bosnia, there is an easy way to do it. It is called the power of the purse... In fact, we have done it before. In the case of Lebanon, we did it. In the case of Somalia, we did it. We used the appropriations process exactly as the Federalist Papers described and exactly as the Founding Fathers wanted, as we had a clean and decisive choice." Conferees on the DOD Appropriations bill are: Reps. Bill Young (R-FL), Joseph McDade (R-PA), Bob Livingston (R-LA), Jerry Lewis (R-CA), Joe Skeen (R-MN), David Hobson (R-OH), Henry Bonilla (R-TX),. George Nethercutt (R-WA), Ernest Istook (R-OK), John Murtha (D-PA), Norman Dicks (D-WA), Charlie Wilson (D-TX), Bill Hefner (D-NC), Senators Ted Stevens (R-AK), Thad Cochran (R-MS), Arlen Specter (R-PA), Pete Domenici (R-NM), Phil Gramm (R-TX), Kit Bond (R-MO), Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Connie Mack (R-FL), Richard Shelby (R-AL), Mark Hatfield (R-OR), Daniel Inouye (D-HI), Fritz Hollings (D-SC), J. Bennett Johnston (D-LA), Robert Byrd (D-WV) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT). Rep. Neumann has a press release available. Contact Rep Neumann via Rob Watters at 202/225-3031 or Rep. Stockman at 202/225-6565.

Conservative Leaders Have A Message for Colin Powell: Don't Run

Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation and National Empowerment Television, Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell and Gordon Jones of the Association of Concerned Taxpayers announced that they are sponsoring a press conference November 2 to discuss a possible presidential candidacy by Colin Powell. Said Weyrich: "If [Powell runs] this is the high-water mark for him -- he's going to be attacked vigorously for what he stands for." Said Blackwell: "I predict [a Powell] candidacy, if he runs, will be a brief phenomenon. More than thirty years ago, the liberal media tried to foist a series of Eastern Establishment Republicans on the GOP for its 1964 presidential candidate. In turn, there were Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Governor Nelson Rockefeller and Governor William Scranton. Time and Newsweek cover stories and lavish network TV coverage produced boomlets for each. But the GOP conservatives won. Thus it will be in 1996, if Powell runs." Blackwell continued: "The handful of conservatives who are booming the Powell candidacy have taken leave of their senses." Contact Paul Weyrich at 202/546-3003, Morton Blackwell at 703/321-8580 or Gordon Jones at 202/785-0494.

Medical Savings Accounts Dropped from Senate Medicare Bill; Press Conference Scheduled for Nov. 3

Senator Paul Coverdell, Peter Ferrara of Americans for Tax Reform and Gordon Jones of the Association of Concerned Taxpayers reviewed the deletion of Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) from the Medicare bill in the Senate (Ferrara saying: "Basically, Senator Dole dropped the ball on this. Dole can repair this problem if he puts his mind to it.") and budget reconciliation. A press conference will be held on this Nov. 3 at 10 AM at the National Press Club. Contact Gordon Jones at 202/785-0494, Peter Ferrara at 202/785-0202 or Sen. Coverdell via Carl Parks at 202/224-3643.

Bulletin Board: Publications, press releases, statements and plans of the conservative community.

Project 21 Condemns Use of "N-Word" By Member of Congressional Leadership

The African-American leadership group Project 21 has released a press release expressing outrage over the use of a racial slur by Senate Minority Whip Wendell Ford (D-KY) during a WHAS radio interview on Louisville, Kentucky's "Jane Norris Show." According to page six of the November 2 Washington Post, a caller told Sen. Ford, "I'm not near as rich as you, Senator." Ford's response was: "Well, I'm not nigger rich, either." Ford explained later to WHAS: "I thought the caller used an offensive racial epithet. I was so shocked and offended that I shot back at him, and I repeated what I thought the caller said to emphasize how offensive it was to me." Excerpts from comments in the press release include: Project 21's Raynard Jackson, a business consultant, says "...If the movie ŒMark Fuhrman Goes to Washington' is ever made, the Senator would make a good leading man. Why aren't the Democrats denouncing this? If a member of the Republican Congressional leadership had said that, the Black Caucus would have held a million man march about it... Where is the outrage?" Asks Project 21 Chairman Edmund Peterson: "Is this yet another example of where we're supposed to separate the message from the messenger?... It seems that the media and liberal members of Congress are applying a double standard. Racial slurs made by proponents of the liberal agenda are ignored or excused... Meanwhile, conservatives who even come close to violating certain racial sensitivities are driven out of town. There are now two types of racists in America: the good racists and the bad racists. Mr. Ford, it seems that the silence of your liberal colleagues and the media makes you a good racist." "I am shocked and appalled... this is completely and totally inappropriate for public discourse," said Project 21 member Horace Cooper, who is also the Legislative Counsel to Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX). "There are no circumstances under which this is appropriate. If a member of the Republican leadership had said something of a similar nature, the Washington Post would have made it a page one story." Contact Arturo Silva or Michael Session at (202) 507-6398.

Senators Take Action to Keep U.S. Soldiers from Being Forced to Serve Under U.N. Command

Following similar action by House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX), Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID) and others, Senators Larry Craig (R-ID), Phil Gramm (R-TX) and others have introduced in the Senate legislation, S. 1370, to end the requirement that Members of the U.S. Armed Forces wear United Nations uniform items. Contact Dick Ribbentrop of Senator Gramm's office at 202/224-2934.

Public, Business and Policy Groups Support Limits on Lobbying by Taxpayer-Subsidized Groups

By a 70% to 26% margin, the public agrees "that tax dollars shouldn't be used to fund groups to lobby government," says an October 31 Wall Street Journal editorial widely distributed on Capitol Hill. Also receiving wide distribution on Capitol Hill is a November 2 letter signed by several dozen business and policy groups urging support for limitation to lobbying by groups receiving taxpayer funding.

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