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Issue 118 * March 4, 1996

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Activities at the February 27 & 13 Family Forum meetings chaired by Michael Schwartz of the House Family Caucus and Amy Moritz of The National Center for Public Policy Research. For information contact Pete Weyrich, Vice President at Coalitions for America (202/546-3003).

Forbes 250 Corporations Give One Side
of the Political Spectrum Four Times
More than the Other

Austin Fulk of the Capital Research Center, author of the 9th edition of "Patterns of Corporate Philanthropy," distributed a summary of the book's findings. Among them: In 1993, the last year for which data is available, Forbes 250 corporations gave $36 million to advocacy groups. For every $1 given to right-of-center groups $4.07 was given to liberal/leftist groups. This is a jump over 1992, when the ratio was 1:3.42. Contact Austin Fulk at 202/393-2600.

Should Americans Need Federal
OK Before They Can Get a Job?

Ann Coulter and Lee Otis of Senator Spence Abraham (R-MI)'s office reported that Senator Abraham is proposing a decoupling of the legal and illegal immigration issues in immigration reform legislation being sponsored by Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY). Abraham is also opposing the national identification system Senator Simpson supports and is seeking to beef up measures for departing criminal aliens. Regarding the national I.D. system, Ann Coulter said: "It doesn't at all look like it will be killed right now, frankly, although I think it is unlikely to work. I can't imagine that a year will go by before it is used on legal gun owners, or deadbeat dads... or peaceful abortion protesters." About the I.D. system Mike Schwartz commented: "What Senator Simpson wants to do with the 800 number is say that no adult in this country will ever be able to get a job without the government's permission. Scary." Contact Ann Coulter and Lee Otis at 202/224-4822, Mike Schwartz at 202/225-3031.

Group Distributes Information,
Seeks to Educate Others About
National I.D. System

Doug Domenech and Doug Phillips of the National Center for Home Education discussed and distributed "Talking Points on the National Identity Card System" and other succinct information about the national I.D. system provisions in S. 269 and H.R. 2202, Senator Alan Simpson's (R-WY) and Rep. Steve Chabot's (R-OH) immigration reform bills. Said Domenech: "The citizen surveillance aspects of these bills are very frightening [yet] the family groups have been silent on it." Contact Doug Domenech and Doug Phillips at 540/338-7600.

If We Can Save Babies from AIDS, Should We?

Shepherd Smith of Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV Policy and Mike Schwartz of the Congressional Family Caucus reported on the embattled Coburn-Ackerman-Waxman "Baby AIDS" amendment to the Ryan White Care Act, which is scheduled to go to conference committee in March. The "Baby AIDS" amendment calls for HIV counseling and voluntary testing of pregnant women for HIV/AIDS and, in cases where the mother's HIV status is unknown, mandatory testing of newborn infants for HIV while the infants can still be saved from AIDS. A fact sheet and an article supporting it by Rep. Tom Coburn M.D. (R-OK) was distributed. Contact Shepherd Smith at 703/471-7350 and Mike Schwartz at 202/225-3031.

Is the CDC Intentionally
Undercounting Heterosexual AIDS
Transmission Cases?

Shepherd Smith of Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV Policy and Mike Schwartz of the Congressional Family Caucus briefed members on the Center for Disease Control's standards for determining if a case of HIV has been transmitted heterosexually. According to Smith, in order to be listed as having acquired AIDS or HIV heterosexually, one must know that their partner is either an IV drug user, a bisexual, or someone who is known to be HIV positive. Otherwise, one is listed as "other/risk not reported or identified." This applies, according to Smith, even if the person acknowledges heterosexual sex with a prostitute. As a result of what he calls "this bizarre classification requirement," the number of people reported as 'no risk reported' has grown by 90% from 1993-94 to 1994-95, and because of this, there are now more "no reported risk" cases (12%) than heterosexual cases (10%). Smith speculated on the CDC's motives and the likely consequences. Contact Shepherd Smith at 703/471-7350.

Christian Group Plans to Bring
1 Million to Washington Mall
in April 1996 for
"Washington for Jesus" Rally

Rev. Jim Cucuzza of Washington for Jesus announced, described and showed a video about "Washington for Jesus," a rally seeking to attract one million people to the Washington Mall on April 29 and 30, 1996. In 1980, the group brought 600,000 to the Mall. Rev. Cucuzza reported that a Joint Resolution of Congress is needed before the group can receive the necessary permit to be on the Mall, and requested assistance. He also offered brochures and other information about the rally to the public open request. Contact Rev. Cucuzza or Anna Gimenez at 202/234-6333 or 1-800-495-5288 (web site:

Burning of Dozens of Black Churches Assailed

Edmund Peterson of Project 21 reported on the burning of over two dozen black churches and called on Christian groups and other concerned Americans to speak out against this. Discussion followed on ways to do so, including a letter to the Department of Justice inquiring about the progress of the investigation, setting up a reward fund for information leading to the conviction of perpetrators, raising funds to help the affected churches rebuild and inviting the pastors of the burned churches to tell their stories at the Washington for Jesus Rally on the Mall in April. Contact Edmund Peterson via Arturo Silva at (202) 507-6398.

Senate Seems to Be Side-Stepping
Examinations of Clinton's Judicial Nominees

Tom Jipping of the Free Congress Foundation reported that the Senate Judiciary Committee seems to have developed expedited procedures for approving President Clinton's judicial nominees, bypassing even the standard examinations of nominees. Jipping said important nominations deserve at least a week's worth of deliberations, and announced that he is sending a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans asking them to restore standard procedures. Contact Tom Jipping at 202/546-3000.

Estate Tax Kills Family Businesses, Analyst Says

Tom Cantrell of Sixty Plus reported on the "Family Heritage Preservation Act," a bill to eliminate the estate tax. "All [the estate tax] really accomplishes is the destruction of family businesses as family businesses," Cantrell said. Contact Tom Cantrell at 703/807-2070.

Christian Churches in Romania Face Repression

Laszlo Pasztor of Coalitions for America reported on repression faced by Christian churches in Romania. Contact Laszlo Pasztor at 202/546-3003.

New Paper on Hawaii's Flirtation with "Gay Marriage"

Jacqueline Halbig of the Family Research Council distributed the FRC's new 8-page paper "Gay 'Marriage," Hawaii's Assault on Matrimony" by Robert Knight. Contact Jacqueline Halbig at 202/393-2100.

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