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Issue 130 * May 28, 1996

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Activities at the May 9 Stanton foreign and defense policy meeting chaired by Laszlo Pasztor of Coalitions for America and Amy Moritz of The National Center for Public Policy Research.

Does America Have a Responsibility to Account
for Its POWs? Law Says Yes, But...

Mike Benge, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of Families and a former five-year POW in Vietnam, reported on efforts by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to repeal sections of the Missing Service Personnel Act, which was signed into law on February 10, 1996. In essence, Benge said, McCain is attempting to change U.S. law from requiring a "full accounting" for all lost military personnel to merely requiring "accounting in good faith." Benge strongly disagrees with McCain's approach, which would end the U.S. law requiring the Pentagon to appoint a board of inquiry every three years for prisoners suspected of being alive or upon receipt of information that can result in a change in a prisoner's status, and would reduce theatre military commanders' responsibilities relating to accounting for the personnel under their command. Said Benge: "For the American military to say... We don't have time to account for our Missing in Action and our POWs... this goes against the grain of what America is all about. We don't abandon people. John [McCain] wants to abandon people." Benge also reviewed US POW information obtained recently in Russia, including statements by Boris Yeltsin confirming that U.S. Prisoners from Vietnam and Korea were taken to the USSR and never returned. Benge distributed 8 pages of information explaining current law relating to POWs and containing summaries of how Senator McCain proposes to change it. The information contains a letter by Senator McCain explaining his motives. Benge encouraged participants to contact 1) Bob Dole's campaign foreign policy staffer, Ron Miller, at 202/408-9448 and 2) Senator Thurmond's foreign affairs aide Duke Short at 202/224-1300 to express disapproval about McCain's proposed changes. For interviews/information contact the National Alliance of Families at 703/875-4063 or [email protected]

Emotions and Hormones Will Stop Nuclear Proliferation???

Dr. J. Michael Waller of the American Foreign Policy Council discussed and distributed a specific, yet succinct, list of what he termed "President Clinton's strategic failures in Russia." He also discussed two other issues with some alarm: 1) the fact that the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Non-Proliferation, charged with deterring an expansion of the world's nuclear states, has instead been focussing on such things as producing an "Emotions and Hormones" report and other materials for the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women; and 2) hearings in the House Foreign Relations Committee on organized crime in Russia where even the Democratic Congressmen "lashed out" at the Clinton Administration's foreign policy in Russia. Finally, Waller praised as "first class" an article by Michael Ledeen in the May 13 Weekly Standard. The article sets forth an outline for a possible conservative U.S. foreign policy. Contact the American Foreign Policy Council at 202/462-6055 or [email protected] for a copy of Dr. Waller's list of 12 key problems with the Clinton Administration's Russia policy. Other related papers by Waller are archived on the Web at http://www/

Center for Security Policy Issues National Security
Scorecard, Copies Available

Amir Morgan of the Center for Security Policy distributed the Center's "National Security Scorecard" and accompanying press release, in which the Center ranked 40 1995 national security votes in the House and Senate. For copies, contact the Center for Security Policy at 202/466-0515 or at [email protected] (Web:

House Faces Close Vote Soon on Anti-Ballistic Missile Defenses

General Milnor Roberts (USAR-Ret.) of High Frontier briefed participants on H.R. 3144, the "Defend America Act of 1996," which will be voted on in the House soon. "Mr. Clinton vetoed the entire Defense Authorization Bill on the grounds that [anti-ballistic missile defense] might make Russians mad," said Roberts, who explained why such defenses are 1) militarily necessary, 2) financially feasible, 3) not a violation of any relevant treaty with Russia. The vote in the House is expected to be close, Roberts said, noting that missile defenses are strongly supported by House and Senate leaders, including Senator Dole, who has sponsored the Defend America Act in the Senate. Contact High Frontier at 703/671-4111.

Cuban Group Seeks Entrepreneurs Looking to Do Business
in Cuba; Reviews Current Events There

Dr. Emilio-Adolfo Rivero of the New Cuba Coalition, a former political prisoner of Fidel Castro (1961 to 1979), described his group's work with entrepreneurs to lay the groundwork for a transition to capitalism in Cuba after Castro's rule ends (entrepreneurs with an interest in doing business in Cuba are encouraged to contact the Coalition). Rivero also discussed the reaction of European states to U.S. implementation of the Helms-Burton Act, saying that the European Union has stepped back somewhat from its early, harsh, opinion about Helms-Burton. "It appears the European Union has given up its plan to lure Castro in the path of reforms with the incentive of economic cooperation. ...Media have already reported European officials' disappointment in their interviews with the Cuban ruler." Rivero also explained why Mexico benefits economically from Castro remaining in power. His remarks were distributed. Contact the New Cuba Coalition at 301/927-2167 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Bulletin Board: Publications, press releases, statements
and plans of the conservative community.

New Book Helps Public Makes Sense of the Confusing
Whitewater Puzzle

Myrmidon Press has just released "The Little Black Book On Whitewater," a 200+ page book by Brian Wilson to help people make sense of the names, dates and issues involved in Whitewater. Says Wilson: "No one with an IQ way up in double digits can dispassionately (or successfully) examine just the undisputed facts and conclude the ugly, convoluted mess we've come to call 'Whitewater' is limited to 'just a failed real estate deal.'" Wilson is a talk show host and TV personality who testified before the Senate Whitewater Committee. For an interview with Wilson contact Cassie Anderson at 410-343-2285 or IB [email protected] To purchase the book call 1-800-REACT-63 x7141, or visit the Myrmidon website at

New Paper Explains Why President's Welfare Proposal
Doesn't "End Welfare As We Know It"

Information is available summarizing the major provisions of the GOP's latest welfare reform bill (in progress following two Presidential vetoes of welfare reform bills in the current Congress). A one-page sheet, "Major Provisions in the Revised Welfare Reform Bill," based on House Ways and Means Committee data, has been made available by the House Republican Conference. A two-page paper produced by the Senate Republican Policy Committee and the House Republican Conference Committee, "The Clinton Welfare Reform Bill: Ending Welfare Reform As We Know It," lists in detail four ways President Clinton's welfare reform bill, submitted to Congress quietly last month, falls far short of "ending welfare as we know it." For copies contact the House Republican Conference at 202/225-5107. The one page sheet describing the GOP welfare reform bill's provisions is also available at Capitol Link at

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