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TSR062408: Clean Water Restoration Act Could Trigger Largest-Ever Expansion of Federal Powers Over Private Property - 6/24/08

TSR082707: Anti-"Price Gouging" Laws Hurt Consumers - 7/27/07

TSR061907: CAFE Kills, and Then Some: Six Reasons to Be Skeptical of Fuel Economy Standards - 6/19/07

TSR111005: Small Group of House Republicans Derails ANWR Drilling - 11/10/05

TSR081905: Bush Administration Creates Alternative to Kyoto - 8/19/05

TSR080405: Summer Heat is Normal, Not Proof of "Global Warming" - 8/04/05

TSR070805: Bush Points Way to "Post-Kyoto Era" - 7/8/05

TSR062405: Forest Reforms in the Crossfire - 6/24/05

TSR061105: 'Eurocrats' REACH Beyond Their Grasp - 6/11/05

TSR060905: Arnold's Global Warming Scheme May Terminate California Jobs - 6/9/05

TSR021405: The Cost of Kyoto - 2/14/05

TSR021105: EPA Policies May Increase Air Pollution - 2/11/05

TSR020905: Associated Press & Global Warming: Never Let Facts Get in the Way of a Good Theory - 2/9/05

TSR072104: Now They Want to Be Caesar: Eight State Attorneys General Decide to End-Run Legislatures, Set National Global Warming Policies Themselves - 7/21/04

TSR042204: Environmentalists Make Last Gasp Attempt to Kill America's Most Environmentally-Friendly Major Energy Source - 4/22/04

TSR032904: Clinton's EPA Chief Springs the Mercury Trap She Left for Bush - 3/29/04

TSR032204: Global Warming: Why Can't the Mainstream Press Get Even Basic Facts Right? - 3/22/04

TSR031904: Justice is Due to the Accused: If Bush Genuinely is Bad on the Environment, Why Can't the Left Critique Him Fairly? - 3/19/04

TSR031204: Superfund: Polluters Already Pay - 3/12/04

TSR022704: Dangerous Cargo Proposal Contains Hidden Perils - 2/27/04

TSR011504: Honest Al He Isn't: Don't Trust Al Gore on the Environment - 1/15/04

TSR010204: Washington Post Slams Bush Global Warming Policy, But There's More to the Story - 1/2/04

TSR120903: Mercury Madness: First-Ever Mercury Limits Called "Gift to Polluters" by President Bush's Political Opposition - 12/9/03

TSR111803: The National Aviation Heritage Act: No Way to Celebrate the Wright Brothers - 11/18/03

TSR102703: Hispanics Would Be Hard-Hit by McCain-Lieberman Global Warming Proposal - 10/27/03

TSR92103: Ecoterrorist Hate Crimes on the Increase - 9/21/03

TSR82703: New Source Review: What the Fuss is About - 8/27/03

TSR81503: Dark Ages Redux: Will America Meet Her Future Energy Needs? - 8/15/03

TSR72903: Inhofe Challenges Colleagues to Understand Basic Facts About Climate Change Debate - 7/29/03

TSR62003: The EPA Global Warming Report, the Bush Administration and the News Media: Cooking the Books or Cooking Up Stories? - 6/20/03

TSR6203: Feed the World - 6/2/03

TSR5803: Murkowski Expected to Offer ANWR Amendment - 5/8/03

TSR5703: It's Time to Debate Global Warming Again - 5/7/03

TSR5103: American Lung Association 'State of the Air' Report is Designed to Scare - 5/1/03

TSR42103: Another Earth Day is Celebrated, Yet Environmentalists Continue Supporting Failed Programs- 4/21/03

TSR33103: 'No Blood for Oil!' The Dolphins Cried... And Other War Stories - 3/31/03

TSR32303: Protesters Claim War is About Oil, Yet Oppose Safe Nuclear Energy & Domestic Energy Alternatives - 3/23/03

TSR31503: Hans Blix Worries... About Global Warming - 3/15/03

TSR21703: Representative Markey and Supporters: Wrong on ANWR - 2/17/03

TSR21303: Sierra Club Calls on IRS to Audit SUV Owners - 2/13/03

TSR12203: Liberal Senators Critique Bush Environmental Policy - 1/22/03

TSR1803: McCain and Lieberman Push for New Anti-Global Warming Legislation - 1/8/03

TSR1303: New Year Likely to Bring Another ANWR Showdown- 1/3/03

TSR103002: League of Conservation Voters Makes Traditional Misleading Attack on Republicans; Promotes Democratic Party Candidates - 10/30/02

TSR101102: Radanovich and Allen Introduce Bills to Keep Sludge Out of the Potomac, Bring Endangered Species Act Enforcement to East Coast - 10/11/02

TSR10402: House Rejects Senate's Greenhouse Gas Provisions in Energy Bill - 10/4/02

TSR92002: Senate Continues to Bicker Over Forest Health Amendment - 9/20/02

TSR90402: Congress Considers Expanding Daschle's South Dakota Forest Provisions to Nation - 9/4/02

TTSR82602: President Bush Offers Plan To Protect Homes and the Environment From More Catastrophic Wild Fires; Environmental Extremists Counter With Plans to Continue the Disasters - 8/26/02

TSR82202: Environmental Groups Use Smokescreen to Dodge Responsibility for Wildfires - 8/22/02

TSR82002: New York Times Sounds False Climate Alarm Once Again: Bush, Not Times, Has It Right On Global Warming - 8/20/02

TSR81602: Four American Eco-Terrorists Indicted in Oregon - 8/16/02

TSR81502: Senator Joe Lieberman Says Property Belongs First To Government, Not The People - 8/15/02

TSR72602: Where is the Sierra Club's Condemnation of Senator Daschle? - 7/26/02

TSR72502: Senate Bill Introduced to Codify Forest Roadless Plan; Plan Bans Building Roads for Fighting Forest Fires - 7/25/02

TSR72402: Daschle Admits Logging Projects Can Help Prevent Forest Fires - 7/24/02

TSR72302: TSR Extra - Recess Notes: Answers to Questions on Common Environmental Questions - 7/23/02

TSR62702: Wildfires Linked To Environmental Extremists As Disingenuous Denials Fly - 6/27/02

TSR62502: Yucca Mountain: Could Nuclear Energy Be Killed By Senators "Playing Nice"? - 6/25/02

TSR62102: Wildfires Exceed Record Year of 2000 by 50 Percent, Continue to Grow in Overfueled Forests - 6/21/02

TSR61902: Bush Administration, Senate Finance Committee Formally Approve Placing Tax Subsidy to Environmental Groups in Tax Code to Promote Land Grabs by Environmentalists and Government - 6/19/02

TSR60602: Forty-Five Members of Congress Urge President to Resist Efforts to Implement Clinton-Era Roadless Rule - 6/5/02

TSR60502a: Australia Set to Reject Global Warming Treaty - 6/5/02

TSR60502: EPA Ruling Backfires, Spurs Sales of Diesel Trucks - 6/5/02

TSR60402a: Bush Repudiates "Bureaucratic" Report on Global Warming - 6/4/02

TSR60402: Bush Administration Report on Climate Change Baffles Supporters - 6/4/02

TSR60302: Court Says EPA's Haze Plan Infringes On States' Rights - 6/3/02

TSR53002: President Bush Rejects Oil and Gas Exploration Both on and Offshore In Florida - A Stark Reversal from His Position on the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge - 5/30/02

TSR52902: Federal Government Raises Price of New Homes to Protect the Lumber Industry it has Nearly Killed - 5/29/02

TSR52402: Pay Americans First: More Federal Land Purchases Would Add to PILT Burden - 5/24/02

TSR52202: Senator Barbara Boxer Proposes Designating 2.5 Million More Acres as "Wilderness" In California - 5/22/02

TSR52102: Tom Daschle and Senate Democrats attack Bush Administration for Reassessing the Secretly-Developed Clinton Rule to Halt Forest Road Building - 5/21/02

TSR51702: Sportsmen and Hunting Groups Write President Bush about Forest Management - 5/17/02

TSR51502: Study Says Clean Air Rules More Costly for Rural Areas - 5/15/02

TSR51402: Energy Bill in Conference: Will Republicans Accept Kyoto-Like Global Warming Measure to Get ANWR Drilling Approved? - 5/14/02

TSR51002: Target of Animal Rights Activists Becomes a Target for Explosives - 5/10/02

TSR50802a: Kyoto Treaty Language Attached to Senate Energy Bill- 5/8/02

TSR50802: Reprocessing Nuclear Fuel is the Way to Make Yucca Mountain Work tor Everyone - 5/8/02

TSR50202: Rep. John Doolittle Introduces Bill Calling for Release of 15-Year Old Wilderness Study Areas - 5/2/02

TSR41902: Earth Day 2002 Brings Cause for Celebration and Concerns about Over-Regulation - 4/19/02

TSR41602: Bush Administration and House Democrats Oppose Bill to Restrict Federal Land Acquisition - 4/16/02

TSR41002: Lincoln Chafee Advances Bill to Usurp Local Control of Land Use Planning and Zoning - 4/10/02

TSR40502: Natural Resources Defense Council 'Cries Wolf' Over Consultation on Bush Energy Plan - 4/5/02

TSR32902a: Teamster Chief James Hoffa Warns Politicians In Both Parties Not To Stand In The Way Of Oil Exploration In Alaska - 3/29/02

TSR32902: Associated Press Misleads Public With Headline Saying "Study: Drilling Threatens Wildlife" - 3/29/02

TSR32102: Ice Shelf Breaks Off Antarctica Coastline - March 21, 2002

TSR31402: Sierra Club Attacks Senators for Vote on CAFE - 3/14/02

TSR30502: Media Misconceptions Help Lead to Public Fear of Global Warming - 3/5/02

TSR30102: Teamsters Union Claims Environmentalist Support For ANWR Oil Exploration - 3/1/02

TSR22802: League of Conservation Voters Scorecard Ignores Important Environmental Votes, But Includes Abortion and Campaign Finance Reform - 2/28/02

TSR22502: Bush's Global Warming Plan a Mix of Giveaways and Research - 2/25/02

TTSR21302b: Interior Department Proposes Joint Federal, Environmentalist Land Grab Via Tax Code - 2/13/02

TSR21302: Bill Clinton's Department of Energy is on Record: Oil And Gas Exploration is Environmentally-Friendly - 2/13/02

TSR21202: Senators Propose Dangerous Increase in Fuel Efficiency Standards and Regulatory Phase-Out of SUVs, Minivans and Light Trucks - 2/12/02

TSR21102: Stay the Course: President Bush Should Continue Sticking with Science on Global Warming - 2/11/02

TSR20802: Bush Proposes "Charter Forests" - 2/08/02

TSR20802: Union of Concerned Scientists Pushes Fuel Efficiency at Expense of Auto Safety - 2/08/02

TSR20402: National Research Council (NRC) Reports Higher Water Levels Not Needed for Klamath Basin Fish - 2/04/02

TSR12802b: League of Conservation Voters Gets It Wrong on Bush Record - 1/28/02

TSR12802: Cattle Growers' Association Wins Suit Against Endangered Species Act Enforcement - 1/28/02

TSR12302: Senator John Kerry's Energy Plan Disagrees with Facts and Himself - 1/23/02

TSR12202: President Bush Urges Senate to Approve Energy Bill to Protect Jobs - 1/22/02

TSR11702: Sierra Club & NRDC Urge Calls to White House about Clean Air Rules and New Source Review - 1/17/02

TSR11502: Antarctic Cooling Despite Supposed Global Warming - 1/15/02

TSR11402: Federal Government Unsure about Appealing Bitterroot Decision - 1/14/02

TSR11202: Endangered Species Act Studies May be Hoaxes Designed to Restrict Human Use of Government Lands - 1/12/02

TSR11102b: Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository to Open, Says U.S. Energy Secretary - 1/11/02

TSR11102: Judge Blocks Logging of Burned Trees in Montana's Bitterroot National Forest - 1/11/02

TSR121701: Senate Democrats' Energy Bill Promotes Global Warming Theory - 12/17/01

TTSR121301: Global Warming: Latest NAS Study Poorly Reported - 12/13/01

TSR113001: Rep. Markey Misses the Mark on Nuclear Safety - 11/30/01

TSR111601: Media Overplays Risk of Terrorist Attacks on Nuclear Power Plants - 11/16/01

TSR111501: Federal Agency Will Not Appeal Court Decision on "Endangered" Salmon - 11/15/01

TTSR110501: New Proposed "Multi-Pollutant" Bill
Would Cost Jobs And Billions Of Dollars
- 11/5/01

TSR110201: Robert Redford Urges Letters To Senators To Stop "Drill The Arctic" Plan - 11/2/01

TSR101901: In Movie Theater Ads, Actor Martin Sheen Attacks Proposed ANWR Drilling -10/19/01

TSR101801: Senate Democrats Fight Energy Bill -10/18/01

TSR92801: Energy Bill Held Up in Senate - 9/28/01

TSR90601: League of Conservation Voters Urges Members to Contact Senators as ANWR Vote Approaches - 9/6/01

TSR82801: EPA Grants Waiver to Ease Midwest Gasoline Shortages and Lower Prices - 8/28/01

TSR82301: Bush Administration Moves to Appeal Ban on Drilling Off California Coast - 8/23/01

TSR80801: Environmental Groups Attack Bush Energy Plan and Senators in TV Ads - 8/6/01

TSR80601: Energy Plan Passes U.S. House - 8/6/01

TSR73101b: National Academy Of Sciences Issues Final Report On Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards - 7/31/01

TSR73101- Endangered Species Act Excesses Come Home to Roost in Metropolitan East Coast - 7/31/01

TSR73001- Environmental Groups Target Congress on Bush Energy Plan/ANWR - 7/30/01

TSR72701- New Legislation Would End Study of Safe Arsenic Levels for Drinking Water, Put Millions at Risk - 7/27/01

TSR72501c: Global Warming: Cutting Through the Fog of the Bonn Agreement - 7/25/01

TSR72501b: Water Released To Farmers in Klamath Basin - 7/25/01

TSR72501: Ten Second Response: CAFE Standards Increase Would Be a Lose-Lose Proposition for People and the Environment - 7/25/01

TSR72401: Vote On CARA Expected this Week in House Resources Committee - 7/24/01

TSR72301: New Agreement on Kyoto Climate Change Treaty Reached in Bonn, U.S Does Not Sign - 7/23/01

TSR71101: TSR Extra: Global Warming: Charges & Responses - 7/11/01

TSR70701: Environmental Groups Launch Advertising Attack on Bush Administration for Not Implementing Kyoto Global Warming Treaty - 7/7/01

TSR70601: Price Caps Cause Shortages of Electricity in Western U.S. - 7/6/01

TSR70201: Out-of-Control Alaska Forest Fire Fueled By Forest Service Neglect - 7/2/01

TSR62901: Natural Resources Defense Council Sues EPA While Receiving Agency Grants - 6/29/01

TSR62001b: After Five Years of Ecoterrorism, FBI Has Made No Arrests - 6/20/01

TSR62001: New PAC Formed To Support Environmental Movement Congressional Candidates - 6/20/01

TSR6401: PIRG Releases Congressional Scorecard for 2001: 6/4/01

TSR53001: Democrats Attack Western Republicans for Refusing to Support Electricity Price Controls - 5/30/01

TSR52201d: ANWR, Oil and "60 Minutes" - 5/22/01

TSR52201c: OPEC Cuts Oil Production; America's Reliance on Foreign Oil Increased Nearly 50 Percent During Clinton-Gore Administration - 5/22/01

TSR52201b: Sierra Club Opposes ANWR Drilling - 5/22/01

TSR52201: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) Drilling Debate Steps Up - 5/22/01

TSR51101c: Congressman Barton Criticized on California Emergency Power Bill - 5/11/01

TSR51101b: Forest Roadless Rule Delayed 60 Days - 5/11/01

TSR51101: Congressmen Speak Out on Environmental Groups - 5/11/01

TSR50801b: TSR Extra: Recess Notes on Kyoto and CO2: 5/8/01

TSR50801: Greenpeace Threat on Kyoto - 5/8/01

TSR50701f: EPA Launches NAS Study of Arsenic Levels In Water - 5/7/01

TSR50701e: Index of Leading Environmental Indicators 2001 Released - 5/7/01

TSR50701d: Bush Administration Moves to Apply Science to Arsenic Rule - 5/7/01

TSR50701c: NRDC Attacks Administration on Kyoto Protocol - 5/7/01

TSR50701b: FERC Decides Price Controls are Solution to California Electricity Woes - 5/7/01

TSR50701: Environmental Groups to Fight Republicans - 5/7/01

TSR40801: Bush Delays Some Last Minute Clinton Regulations - 4/8/01

TSR21301: The Sierra Club and Power Shortages - 2/13/01

TSR12301: New UN Global Warming Report - 1/23/01


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