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Speakers Bureau: Roy Innis

Roy InnisProject 21 member Roy Innis, a prominent leader of the civil rights movement who passed away in January 2017, was the national chairman and chief executive officer of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) in New York City. 

A former research chemist, Innis first joined CORE while a community activist in Harlem in 1963, and was elected national director in 1968.  Innis and CORE have been at the forefront of promoting educational and economic self-determination through both legislative action and community activism. 

In 1993, Innis unsuccessfully ran for mayor of New York City against incumbent David Dinkins.  He was active in promoting democracy in Africa and served on the boards of national organizations that include the National Rifle Association, the Hudson Institute and the Landmark Legal Foundation.

Publications by Roy Innis:

Politicians Prescribe Aspirin to Treat Economy They Poison (March 2008)

Congressional Black Caucus Shortchanging Poor and Minority Energy Consumers (October 2007)