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Speakers Bureau: Mychal Massie

Mychal MassieA nationally-recognized conservative leader, Mychal Massie has been active in Project 21 for many years, including six years (2006-2012) in which he served as chairman of Project 21’s National Advisory Counci.

Independent of his work with Project 21, Mr. Massie is a long-time columnist at WorldNetDaily and owns and runs the very popular “The Daily Rant” website at

Mr. Massie is the former host of the then-top-rated show on Right Talk Radio network, “Straight Talk with Mychal Massie.” 

With frequent appearances on Fox News, CNN, Philadelphia’s “Sunday Live,” C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” CNBC, MSNBC, the Emmy Award-winning “It’s Your Call,” NPR’s Tavis Smiley Show, San Francisco’s the Jeff Katz Show and New York’s Regional News Network, and many, many others, Mr. Massie has become one of America’s most well-known conservative voices.

Mr. Massie has debated -- and bested -- Rev. Al Sharpton and Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.  A provocative, outside the box, visionary thinker, he has been called the “Black male Ann Coulter” by liberals who condemn him and “George Will on steroids” by conservatives who love him.

He’s been a keynote speaker at rallies support our troops and at rallies supporting conservative causes across the nation.

Prior to joining Project 21, Mr. Massie operated a successful business for 30 years.

Mr. Massie holds degrees in education, business/real estate, theology, and pastoral counseling.  He began his writing career in 1999 shortly after becoming an editorial board member at a suburban Philadelphia newspaper.

Sample of Public Appearances by Mychal Massie:

At the National Press Club, Mychal encourages tea party critics to contrast the behavior of tea party activists to organized labor protestors (2/28/11)

At the National Press Club, Mychal debates National Urban League president Marc Morial's contention that blacks are being "bamboozled" by conservatives. (2/28/11)

At the National Press Club, Mychal challenges former congressional delegate Walter Fauntroy over his likening the Tea Party to the KKK (2/28/11)

At the National Press Club, Mychal debates Al Sharpton in an "empty chair debate" regarding allegations of Tea Party racism (2/28/11)

On the Fox Business Network's "Bulls and Bears," Mychal talks about comedian Stephen Colbert's mocking testimony to Congress on the immigration issue (9/24/10)

On CNBC, Mychal debates extending unemployment benefits (8/30/10)

On Neil Cavuto's Fox Business Channel show, Mychal criticizes President Obama's lack of an action plan to rescue and reform Social Security (8/18/10)

On the Fox Business Channel show "Freedom Watch," Mychal supports auditing the Federal Reserve (8/14/10)

At a black conservative press conference at the National Press Club, Mychal says time for us to stop fixating on color (8/4/10)

At a black conservative press conference at the National Press Club, Mychal talks about how fear of the Tea Parties is a good thing (8/4/10)

Mychal speaks at New Jersey Tea Party Rally (4/15/10)

On "Cain and Table," Mychal and others discuss whether involuntary taxes such as income tax are inherently immoral

Select Publications by Mychal Massie:

My Challenge to the Race Hustlers (October 2010)

Wake Up, Lazy Parents! (June 2010)

Abortion: A Key Economic Factor (January 2010)

Only a Special Prosecutor is Going to Bring Justice to the Justice Department (December 2009)

Are Loaded Questions and Clenched Fists the New Politics? (November 2009)

The Liberal Version of Harriet Miers (June 2009)

Anti-Gun Laws Favor Criminals (April 2009)

Obama's Wrong Way of Doing Things Right (January 2009)

A Need for Less Speed? (August 2008)

The Separate But Equal News Network (June 2008)

N-Word as a Term of Endearment? (April 2008)

If a Tree Falls... (January 2008)

How to Beat a Bully (December 2007)

Forget Borders and Laws (June 2007)

Dr. King's Dream Today a Nightmare (January 2007)

The Folly and Tragedy of Section 8 (November 2006)

Dear Jesse Jackson (October 2006)

She's No Rosa Parks (September 2006)

Self-Destruction is a Choice (May 2006)

Congressional Black Caucus Sold Their Souls (December 2005)

Fleas Come with the Dog (September 2005)

Supreme Court Choice Should Not Be About Sex, Brands or Politics (August 2005)

Foolish Question About Bill Cosby (April 2005)

Can the Unborn Save Future Generations? (January 2005)

Negroes and Black Conservatives (December 2004)