Posthaste Facts on the Environment #10

The Army Corps of Engineers' "Un-American" Activities

Produced August 15, 1995

The Army Corps of Engineers' "Un-American" Activities, August 15, 1995

Warning: Buying and cleaning up a dump can be hazardous to your financial health. Thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers, Steve Lathrop knows this all too well. Steve Lathrop of Granite City, Illinois purchased the neighborhood dump for clean up and development. The dump was not only an eyesore, but the swamp land on which it was built frequently caused flooding problems for neighboring residents. Lathrop cleaned up the site and created a lake that solved the drainage problem. In addition to building homes, he provided a wildlife area where endangered egrets could feed. Just about everyone was pleased with Lathrop's improvement -- local residents because the flooding stopped and Ducks Unlimited because a wildlife area was created. Everyone was satisfied, that is, but the Army Corps of Engineers. In a letter to U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, the Corps complained that Lathrop's "intent" was to make a profit of his land, " . . . not for the conservation, flood control, or wildlife sanctuary purposes . . ." that the development provided. They accused Lathrop of violating federal wetlands law and ordered him to return the land to its pre-dump, pristine condition. Steve Lathrop's reaction: "How un-American!"

Source: Mr. Steve Lathrop, Granite City, Illinois Issue Date: August 15, 1995

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