Posthaste Facts on the Environment #15

Making a Victim of Communism Feel at Home

Produced January 1996

Bureaucrats have made an "Iron Curtain" with red tape and rules for Americans.

Jaro Baranek, a Czechoslavakian refugee who immigrated to the United States in 1982, has discovered only a slight difference between American bureaucrats and the Czech communists of the old country. After purchasing land to build a home in Washington State, local officials informed him that his property was on an "alluvial fan hazard section" -- a silted area created by a slow-moving stream -- and therefore building would be forbidden. The Baranek Family was forced to give up their American dream and build elsewhere -- at a personal loss of nearly $20,000. Not only are there other homes in the same area, but to add insult to injury, Baranek is still required to pay taxes on his now worthless property.

"They take more and more freedoms away. It is kind of dissappointing that this is happening in America," said Jaro. "The communists used to take land without compensation, but at least there you didn't have to pay taxes. Here they take your land and you have to pay for it."

Source: Mr. Jaro Baranek; Citizens for Property Rights

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