Posthaste Facts on the Environment #4

Families are Being Torn Apart by Environmental Zealotry

Produced May 1992

American families pay a high price when environmentalists forget the human cost of excessive regulation.

For 30 years, Donald Walker, Jr. earned his living working in Oregon forests. But that ended in 1989. Due to restrictions on logging imposed by the Endangered Species Act, the company he was working for was forced to lay him off. Don has been unemployed ever since. His wife still has a job, but she was transferred to an office four hours away from their home. Had she refused the transfer, she too would have been unemployed, so Don and his wife now only see each other on weekends. "It gets pretty lonely here without her," Don lamented. "But our faith in God has kept us strong and we continue to hope for better days when we can be together again like a family should be."

Source: The Wall Street Journal, May 15, 1992

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