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Issue 138 * August 9, 1996

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Activities at the August 9 Stanton foreign affairs meeting chaired by Laszlo Pasztor.

Top Navy Fight Pilot Resigns Commission to
Protest Use of Active Duty Military to
Promote Legislation

Bonny Stilwell of the National Vietnam Veterans Coalition reported that her son, one of the Navy's top fighter pilots, has just resigned from the Navy to protest the Department of Defense's use of active duty military personnel to promote and monitor legislation in the U.S. Congress. Stilwell distributed an article from the Washington Post describing DoD's use of military personnel in this manner. Stilwell describes the situation as one that could lead to a breakdown of the traditional separations between the military and the legislature. Contact Bonny Stilwell at 703/360-1173.

McCain Continues Efforts to Weaken Missing
Personnel Act

Jim Greene of the National Vietnam Veterans Coalition spoke on Missing Personnel Act (MPA) portion of the recently-enacted Defense Authorization Bill. The MPA allows for the creation of a missing personnel office, which supporters believe is needed to permit effective tracking of missing personnel. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is seeking to attach nine provisions to the FY1997 Defense Authorization bill to gut these protections for future MIAs. Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA) has issued a bill to counter to McCain's provisions. Support for the MIA office must be immediate. The bill was to be voted on by the Senate before the August recess, but was delayed until later. Greene urged participants to contact Senators Strom Thurmond (R-SC) at 202/224-5972, Dirk Kempthorne (R-ID) at 202/224-6142, Robert Byrd (D-WV) at 202/224-3954 to express their views on this bill. Contact Jim Greene at 202/338-6882.

Dornan Aide Describes Threats
Posed by China

Al Santoli of the staff of Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA) reported on the development of military-use computer viruses by the People's Republic of China. He also described how the PRC is seeking to attain its goals through corporate and bank investing and corporate mergers, as well as through World Bank loans. Santoli called upon participants to help raise the profile of the issue of China's aggressiveness so the presidential candidates will address it. Santoli also reported that Rep. Dornan sent a letter to the Department of Defense asking for the complete file on Cuban involvement in the torture of POWs in Vietnam, because it is believed that torturers now have. It is believed the torturers are now high ranking officials in Cuba, Santoli said. Contact Al Santoli at 202/225-2965.

Single Stage Rockets Provide Efficient,
Lower-Cost Means of Space Travel, Says Expert

General Milnor Roberts (USAR-Ret.) of High Frontier discussed the importance of the single-stage rocket space vehicle, which advances the U.S. in military defense, is more efficient and less costly in space travel because it does not split in space like current space rockets do, and because it takes off and lands in the same shape. The Air Force is now interested in single-stage rockets because they have had 10 successful trial runs. Roberts called upon Congress to push for the use of these vehicles. Contact General Roberts at 703/671-4111.

Public Needs to be Informed about the U.N.
Convention on Children's Rights, Says Group

Laurel Haskell of Concerned Women for America discussed the Clinton Administration's current effort, begun in 1995, to ratify the United Nations Convention on Children's Rights. Clinton began the ratification of this treaty in 1995, she said, saying that the ramifications of this would put Congress in charge of all children in America give the United Nations authority over Congress in this area. She noted that a committee on the rights of the children already exists in the U.N., and it claims jurisdiction over many countries that have ratified the treaty (for example, Great Britain). Under the terms of the treaty children cannot be spanked, cannot be forced to go to church, and cannot be denied access to information. Because the treaty mandates that children have the same rights as adults, she said, it would be against the treaty to even deny children access to pornography. Haskell called for an education effort on this treaty so that the public may be aware of its provisions. She said that conservative Republicans are stopping ratification of this treaty now, but that the public must be aware of the treaty's details in case conservative Republicans lost power and thus the ability to block the treaty. Contact Laurel Haskell at Concerned Women for America at 202/488-7000.

Ukraine Adopts New Constitution

Michael Sawkiw, Jr. of the Ukrainian National Information Service reported to participants that on June 28, 1996 Ukraine adopted a constitution which brings the governance of their nation closer to the ideas of western democracy. The constitution contains, in his view, five major cultural improvements: 1) it mandates Ukrainian as the official language on all levels of society; 2) it protects private property; 3) it acknowledges Ukraine as a sovereign state 4) it provides for unitary state and citizenship; 5) it mixes parliamentary and presidential power. Problems with the constitution, according to Sawkiw, include that it is so big that it contradicts itself at times. Contact Michael Sawkiw, Jr. at 202/547-0018.

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of the conservative community.

104th Congress' Freshman Class Calls for
Structural Reform in America

Rep. George Radanovich (R-CA) and the seventy-four Members of the 104th Congress' freshman class have released a call for "structural reform in America." The tenets of their "Blueprint to Renew Society," as released in a news conference held on the West steps of the U.S. Capitol, include: "We believe that government is too big in relation to other institutions in America," "We believe that reducing federal government should not, and cannot, occur without a renewal of family, religious/civic and business institutions in American society," "To renew society... the conscience of the American people must be raised, increasing personal responsibility and hence, the effectiveness of all our institutions." For a copy of the Blueprint, contact Rep. George Radonovich at 202/225-4540.

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