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Issue 141 * September 12, 1996

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Activities at the September 4 and 11 Wednesday
Strategy Lunches chaired by Paul Weyrich.

NET Alleges Massachusetts Firm
"Bought" FDA Approval

Marianne Lombardi and Ethan Gutmann of NET-Political News Talk Network discussed their breaking story alleging that a Massachusetts-based company using laser procedures to correct problems with eyesight "bought," with the assistance of Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy (D), Food and Drug Administration approval of their procedure for a lump sum of one and a half million dollars. NET's American Investigative Report broke the story on September 5. For the whole story contact Marianne Lombardi or Ethan Gutmann at NET at 202/546-3000 or 202/544 3200.

Chemical Weapons Treaty Faces
Senate Debate

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy discussed the Chemical Weapons Treaty, which is scheduled for debate in the Senate September 12. Contact Frank Gaffney at 202/466-0515.

National Right to Life Urges
Override of Partial Birth Abortion
Act Veto

The National Right to Life Committee discussed President Clinton's veto of the Partial Birth Abortion Act, saying the President's veto, which essentially supports continuation of third trimester abortions, separates him from mainstream America. National Right to Life urged participants to contact members in support of overriding the President's veto. NTRL also discussed the women who appeared with President Clinton at a press conference in which the President explained why he was vetoing the bill. The President claimed on that occasion that the women present had had abortions that the Partial Birth Abortion Act would have banned to the detriment of their health, but in fact the women present had either not received a partial birth abortion, or had not been advised by a that the procedure was necessary.

GOPAC Plans A National Town Meeting
to Promote the Dole Tax Plan

Peter Roff of GOPAC announced that GOPAC is holding a national town meeting to get the word out on the Dole Tax Plan. GOPAC wants to introduce to America that the tax cut is achievable and will happen if Senator Dole is elected President. The Town Meeting will bring together communities across America by satellite. Senator Dole's tax advisors will be running the meeting to explain the tax cuts, and financial experts will be available at the local meeting to answer questions after the national broadcast. Contact Peter Roff at (202) 484-2282.

President Clinton Has Had More Judicial Nominees
than Presidents Bush and Reagan, Says Group

Thomas L. Jipping, Director of the Free Congress Foundation Judicial Selection Monitoring Project, announced that he has created and made available to the public profiles of potential presidential nominees for the Supreme Court. He also reviewed President Clinton's success in getting judicial nominees approved by Congress: President Clinton has had 202 judges approved. By comparison, President Bush had 189 and President Reagan had 164 in his first term. Contact Thomas L. Jipping at (202) 546-3000.

Upcoming Fall Elections Analyzed

Senator Paul Coverdell (R-GA) analyzed the upcoming elections, saying that the 24 Senate seats in play is an "unprecedentedly high number." He added: "Our Members [of the House and Senate] are our best weapon... Get them in the District where they can deal with all the national misrepresentation [on issues]." Contact Senator Coverdell via Carl Parks at 202/224-3643.

Majority Leader Lott Unwilling to Schedule Vote
on Property Rights Bill

Myron Ebell of Frontiers of Freedom discussed the fact that Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott is unwilling to schedule a vote on the Property Rights Bill unless he can be guaranteed that 51 Senators will vote for it. Ebell is urging the Senator to schedule the vote before the fall election because, he said:

  1. every time a property rights bill comes before the Senate more Senators vote for it than expect, and
  2. it is helpful to know who is for the bill and who is against it. Grassroots groups are working hard to generate calls to Senator Lott's office to urge him to schedule a vote on the bill, Ebell said.

Contact Myron Ebell at 703/527-8282.

Poll Shows People Prefer Non-Regulatory Approaches
to Environmental Protection

Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute followed up on Myron Ebell's report on the property rights bill by reviewing the results of a recent CEI poll to determine national attitudes on environmental policy. The poll backs up contentions made by property rights advocates that the public prefers a nogulatory approach to environmental issues, Lewis said. CEI has published the poll's results in a 25-page paper and copies are available. Contact Marlo Lewis at 202/331-1010.

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