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Issue 142 * October 30, 1996

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Activities at the October 25 and 10 Stanton foreign affairs meetings chaired by Laszlo Pasztor and Amy Ridenour.

Clinton Administration, Anxious for "Success" in Bosnia, Nixes Recount of Fraudulent Elections

Greg Simpson of the Center for Civil Society in Southeastern Europe reported on U.S. foreign policy vis-a-vis the former Yugoslavia: "Many of you have seen that President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore are treating Bosnia-Hercegovina as a foreign policy victory... the emperor isn't wearing any clothes." Critics, including official election monitors, had urged a recount in the September 29 elections, he said, due to evidence of massive fraud (including 5-30% of eligible voters not being permitted to vote while more votes were cast than there were voters to cast them), but the Clinton Administration, anxious to declare the election a success, nixed the recount. The Clinton Administration is also stopping the postponement of the scheduled November 22 and 24 municipal elections, he said. "It is increasingly clear that the situation is not stable enough for the withdrawal of U.S. and international troops... It is clear there is no commitment by the United States to democracy and the rule of law. The commitment to sweeping [election fraud, the lack of freedom of movement, association, and the press and continued violence] under the rug... If you hear someone talking about the success of the Bosnia election, tell them what's really going on." Simpson offered copies of numerous international news reports and reports by the Helsinki Commission and other monitoring groups backing up his allegations and distributed copies of one-page weekly Bosnia-Hercegovina: Election Updates published by his group. Contact Greg Simpson at 202/785-1309.

CBS to Examine "Losing
the Drug War"

Major Gil Macklin (USMC-Ret.) of the National Defense Council Foundation reported that CBS's 48 Hours is planning to run a special entitled "Losing the Drug War." Macklin is an expert on the drug war and served for a year as a U.S. advisor to Colombian police on fighting the drug war. Contact Major Macklin at 703/836-3443.

Thanks to Illegal Immigration,
California Dream is Gone, Says Group

Rick Oltman of the American National Council for Immigration Reform, who was chairman of the "Yes on 187" immigration ballot proposition campaign in California in 1984, gave a California immigration update. "What's happening in California is not pretty," he said. "It may not be happening in your community on the east coast yet, but it will... The California dream is gone. California is becoming a third world nation." Los Angeles schools, Oltman reported, now spend three times as much on illegal immigrants than the entire U.S. border control budget. He also said that there are more illegal aliens in California prisons than in the entire Virginia prison population. Oltman reported that he had to take a bodyguard with him to do interviews during the last week of the "Yes on 187" campaign and that threats against immigration reform advocates have been so commonplace that one of his allies in another state won't even tell reporters what state he lives in. "We have to find the courage to say America is worth defending," said Oltman. Contact Rick Oltman at 415/499-9340.

Gorbachev Foundation Seeks to
Create a United Nations of Religion

British magazine and book publisher Christopher Story briefed participants on the results of research he and his associates have conducted into the activities and funding of former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev's Gorbachev Foundation, which is headquartered on U.S. government public land at the Presidio in San Francisco. The Gorbachev Foundation describes itself as working "toward a new civilization," Story said. It is starting a "united religions organization" to be like a United Nations of religion, complete with a secretary general, to be based at the Presidio. The goal to "sanitize" world religions and combine them with an appreciation with "Mother Earth" for environmental purposes, he said. The Foundation's philosophy is based on a game plan developed by a prominent Leninist for altering a country's values, he said, noting that Mr. Gorbachev has said that Mrs. Gorbachev has been a student of this particular Leninist all her adult life. Contact Christopher Story at 212/679-0095.

Did You or an Ancestor Immigrate to the U.S.?
Send Your Story to the Senate

Ms. Randa Fahmy Hudome of the office of Senator Spence Abraham (R-MI), the Senator's counsellor on foreign affairs and immigration issues, reported that immigration is likely to be a major issue in the 105th Congress. She said that, in the Senator's view, it is important to separate illegal from legal immigration. To that end, she said, the Senator's office is collecting success stories about legal immigrants and their descendants for citation in floor speeches and other materials. She asked participants to spread the word to the public that the Senator's office is asking the public to send in these stories. The stories don't have to be about famous people, or people who have reached the top of their profession, she said. They simply have to be about people legally in this country who are "contributing positively" to America. They also ask that the person's country of origin (or their ancestor's country of origin) be included in the stories. Mail stories to Randa Fahmy, Office of Senator Spence Abraham, 245 Dirksen Building, Washington, D.C. 20510, or e-mail them to [email protected] Contact Ms. Fahmy at 202/224-3422.

Group Announces Grassroots Effort to Protect
MIAs/POWs in America's Future Conflicts

Bonny Stilwell of the National Vietnam Veterans Coalition discussed the Missing Personnel Act, which was signed into law earlier this year as part of the Defense Department Authorization Act (which set up procedures for the military to follow to keep track of -- as much as possible -- POWs and MIAs in future conflicts, as well as some provisions for investigating the loss of unreturned POWs from past conflicts). Stilwell reported that the act has not been "effectively gutted," thanks to efforts by Senator John McCain (R-AZ). She said that there will be a grassroots effort to get the Act re-approved next year, particularly if 1) Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA) and Senator Bob Smith (R-NH), the two key members of the House and Senate on POW issues, are re-elected, and 2) if Speaker Newt Gingrich re-appoints Bob Dornan to the relevant Defense subcommittee chairmanship. Contact Bonny Stilwell at 703/360-1173.

Republican National Committee
Publishes Foreign Policy Analysis

Laszlo Pasztor of Coalitions for America described a 37-page Republican National Committee document analyzing the Clinton Administration's foreign policy. He said copies could be obtained from Mr. Algis Silas of the RNC at 202/863-8571. Contact Laszlo Pasztor at 202/546-3003.

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