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Issue 148 * January 9, 1997

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Strategy Lunch: Activities at the January 8
Wednesday Strategy Lunch chaired by Paul Weyrich
of the Free Congress Foundation,
House Majority Whip Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) and
Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK).

Gingrich Re-Election, Question of Retribution
Against Non-Supporters Discussed

Extended discussion took place regarding the close re-election of Newt Gingrich to the post of Speaker of the House, which had taken place the previous day, and the question of whether the House leadership or the GOP conference will seek retribution against those GOP members who did not support Gingrich's re-election. Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX) strongly supported Gingrich, saying, "I have worked with Newt Gingrich intensively for two years... so I have come to know Newt as well as anybody... At no time has Newt Gingrich had a self-serving bone in his body... he's had some lapses in judgement, as we all have... I am totally convinced that Newt has done nothing wrong." Rep. John Thune (R-SD) added, "Democrats are trying to do now what they couldn't at the ballot box," and Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation reported that a Democratic member of Congress told him that Democrats in Congress actually wanted Gingrich as Speaker, because they want to attack him for four years to provide cover for President Clinton on ethics. DeLay said he does not support retribution against the Republican members who voted against Gingrich but questioned why the two committee chairmen who did so because of a lack of confidence in his leadership (Rep. Jim Leach [R-IA] and Rep. Frank Wolf [R-VA]) don't resign their chairmanships, because, he said, as committee chairmen, they are part of the leadership in which they say they have no confidence. Rep. Jack Metcalf (R-WA) said he disagreed "vehemently" that the chairmen should voluntarily resign, saying that most of the people who disagreed with Gingrich did so "for very good reasons" and the House GOP must "be careful" with retribution in order to not erode its ability to round up majorities on votes. Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK) noted that if any ten House Republicans don't vote with the rest of the caucus the GOP won't win House votes. Rep. Mark Neumann (R-WI), who did not vote for Gingrich, said he could not in good conscience support him after reading the ethics committee report, but "I respect Newt Gingrich for the leadership he's shown to the country and the party." Contact Rep. DeLay at 202/225-0197, Rep. Thune at 202/225-2131, Paul Weyrich at 202/546-3000, Rep. Metcalf at 202/225-2605, Rep. Istook at 202/225-2132 and Rep. Neumann at 202/225-3031.

Gutknecht Elected to Head Conservative Opportunity Society

Rep. Gil Gutknecht (R-MN) reported that he had just be elected chairman of the Conservative Opportunity Society, an organization of conservative House Republicans originally run by Reps. Vin Weber and Newt Gingrich. Gutknecht discussed ways in which Democrats are better at communicating their views than are Republicans, saying that

  1. Republicans think that if they say something once, its been said, whereas Democrats say things repetitively, and
  2. Republicans are good at explaining facts, but not so good at conveying emotion and empathy in their arguments.

Contact Rep. Gutknecht at 202/225-2472.



Stanton Meeting: Activities at the January 9
Stanton foreign and defense policy meeting chaired
by Laszlo Pasztor of Coalitions for America and
Amy Moritz Ridenour of The National Center for
Public Policy Research.

Defense Department Releases Report Warning that
the U.S. is Vulnerable to an Attack
on Computer Systems

Colonel Paul DePauw briefed participants on the quiet release of a Department of Defense report warning of U.S. vulnerability to "an electronic Pearl Harbor" -- another term for America's "extreme vulnerability" to an electronic attack on the military, industry and academia's 2.1 million computers and 10,000 local area networks. DoD has 13 recommendations, including spending up to $3 billion in the next five years to make computers and computer communications more secure. Contact Colonel DePauw at 703/532-8939.

New Book Explores Russia's
Tradition of Imperialism

Dr. Ariel Cohen of The Heritage Foundation discussed his new book, published by Praeger, "Russian Imperialism: Development & Crisis." Cohen discussed the 500-year imperialistic and autocratic traditions of Russia, particularly it's establishment of a multi-national Soviet state and its dedication, even now, to imperialistic alliances (such as an alliance with central Asia, a Slavic-Muslim coalition, and an alliance with China against the West). Cohen also discussed:

  1. Russia's pattern of over-expansion during the Cold War, the economic and cultural decline and internal corruption within Russia, and the Reagan Administration's role in ending the Cold War;
  2. the career of General Ledbed, who he likened to a Roman provincial general,
  3. the Russian government's attitude toward its nuclear arsenal,
  4. a growing Russian alliance with Iran and China (3,000 Russian nuclear scientists, for instance, now work for the Chinese military) while the Clinton Administration is preoccupied with re-election and lawsuits,
  5. the possibility that Boris Yeltsin may not remain president much longer,
  6. the very vague line separating government from organized crime in Russia.

Contact Dr. Cohen at 202/546-4400 or [email protected] (put "Attn: Ariel Cohen" in message). Call 1-800-225-5800 to purchase books. Journalists may obtain review copies at 202/226-3711 or [email protected]

Why Won't the Administration Enforce the Law
Banning Importation of Goods Made
with Slave Labor?

Captain Tim Hunter of State Department Watch discussed what he termed the "paradox" of outgoing Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, a self-described champion of the working man, being unwilling during his tenure to issue regulations to enforce a U.S. law against importation of goods made with slave labor. Because of the Clinton Administration's lack of interest in the issue, Hunter said, efforts are being made to enact similar laws at the state level. So far, he said, California has done so and significant progress has been made in Massachusetts and New York. Contact Captain Tim Hunter at 202/452-5555 or [email protected]

Wisdom of President's Suspension of
Helms-Burton Act Questioned

Dr. Emilio-Adolfo Rivero of the New Cuba Coalition reported on President Clinton's January 3 six-month suspension of the Helms-Burton Act, and the President's announcement that he intends to continue extending the suspension for additional six-month periods. Rivero questioned how the President's decision could be in the best interest of either the U.S. or the people of Cuba, and called on the Congress to take a greater day-to-day interest in U.S.-Cuban affairs. Contact Dr. Rivero at 301/927-2167 or [email protected] or visit the New Cuba Coalition web site at

Former VOA Staffer Says No One Can Hear
Radio Free Asia

Vladimir Matusevich, former director of the VOA's Russian Service, briefed participants on what he terms the "successful destruction of U.S. international broadcasting," citing, among other things, a recent New York Times report saying that virtually no one in Asia can hear Radio Free Asia. Contact Vladimir Matusevich at 301/365-9575.

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