Can I Buy an Additional Health Insurance Policy Through My ObamaCare Exchange?

Yes… and no.

At least, according to the questions-and-answers section of the Maryland Health Connection, which is Maryland’s ObamaCare exchange.

Mindful that some people have health insurance policies that have very limited networks, I wondered what would happen if a person who already had health insurance — say, from work — but with a limited network wanted to buy a second health insurance policy (not subsidized by the taxpayers) on the exchange, so as to expand his or her access to more networks. Would it be allowed?

Since I am a Maryland resident, I checked the Maryland exchange’s information section in the hope of finding out.

First, it told me “yes,” I “can always” apply for a unsubsidized health insurance policy through the Maryland exchange, even if I receive health insurance benefits at work:


and then it told me “no,” only legal Maryland residents who do not already have health insurance can enroll in coverage through the Maryland ObamaCare exchange:MarylandHealthExchange1213a

Nothing in ObamaCare is ever straightforward, is it?

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