Biden Hails Jobs Report Despite Bad News for Blacks

Biden Hails Jobs Report Despite Bad News for Blacks /
Joe Biden suggested the July jobs report highlighted the “significant progress” his administration is making for “working families.” Sure, the claims of overall numbers for jobs was high, but did he read into the report to find out what happened to black Americans – a key demographic among working families? ...
Supreme Court abortion

Justices Allow “Human Weeds” to Prosper /
When it comes to the toll wrought by abortion, Project 21 member Rasheed Walters solemnly observes that “[w]e will never know” what America missed from those who were lost. In a Boston Herald commentary, he puts much of the blame for abortion’s carnage at the feet of Margaret Sanger – ...
No Improvement, Just Spin from Biden

No Improvement, Just Spin from Biden /
Even though Joe Biden claimed as a candidate that “there would not be another foot of wall” built if he was elected president, the Biden Administration is now closing the gaps in those walls along the Mexico-Yuma, Arizona border. U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz reported that funding has been ...
Defund the Police

Leftist Attacks on Law and Order are Precipitating a Shift in Favor of the Right to Self-Defense

Project 21 Commentary /
On the morning of July 19, news broke that Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Alvin Bragg dropped a second-degree murder charge against 61-year-old, bodega clerk, Jose Alba. Earlier in the month, Alba had been arrested in Manhattan and charged with murder after defending himself from 35-year-old Austin Simon’s attack. Alba’s saga ...

Grandstanding Politicos Ignore Violence in Black and Brown Communities /
After members of the Patriot Front – a white nationalist group – marched in Boston in early July, they received a “justified backlash” from a wide range of local elected officials. Yet, as Project 21 member Rasheed Walters noted in a Boston Herald commentary, these same people were largely silent ...
Despite White House Denial, Recession is Here

Despite White House Denial, Recession is Here /
“It's official,” said Project 21 member Michael Austin, an economist. “Joe Biden has pushed the U.S. economy off the cliff.” For the second straight quarter, America’s gross domestic product – the measurement of economic output has contracted. That is what’s traditionally defined as a recession. Even though the Biden Administration ...
Biden Redefinition Still Shows Recession

Biden Redefinition Still Shows Recession /
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen painfully admitted she misjudged the “path that inflation would take” – prolonging the economic stress of the American people. Now, to keep Joe Biden from having to suffer yet another need for a mea culpa on fiscal mismanagement later this week when the U.S. Department of ...
Supreme Court School Choice Decision

Court’s Abortion Ruling Restores Democracy /
As the left screams that the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent abortion ruling is a threat to democracy, Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper noted it is actually “a return to the democratic process.” In a Newsmax commentary, Horace explained the importance of the Court returning the morally contentious issue of abortion ...
Supreme Court

Trump’s Legacy: Beating Back the Bureaucratic State /
While most people will remember the recently wrapped-up U.S. Supreme Court term for its ruling on abortion, it is actually the last decision that was handed down by the justices – the environmental policy case of West Virginia v. EPA – that will likely have the most impact. As reported ...
Booker T. Washington

Has America Forgotten Booker T. Washington? by Derryck Green

Project 21 Commentary /
Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Carter G. Woodson, George Washington Carver, W.E.B. Dubois, Rev. Martin Luther King. All were prominent Americans of the 19th and 20th centuries. However, there’s one prominent American that isn’t included in this pantheon of historical greats. In fact, he’s one of the most underappreciated historical figures ...
Horace Cooper says Biden didn't inherit current problems from Trump.

Biden Didn’t “Inherit” the Current Chaos /
In 44 of the 50 states, more people disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as president than support him. It seems as if only the radical elements of his 2020 voter base still stand with him as he presides over economic turmoil at home and emboldened enemies abroad. For example, in ...
Eliminating 'Human Weeds' at the Root of Anti-Birth Measures, by Rasheed Walters

Eliminating ‘Human Weeds’ at the Root of Anti-Birth Measures, by Rasheed Walters

Project 21 Commentary /
Margaret Sanger, eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood, made this statement in 1924: How are we to breed a race of human thoroughbreds unless we follow the same plan? We must make this country into a garden of children instead of a disorderly back lot overrun with human weeds. Who ...
Biden Bank Rules Risk Enron-Style Financial Crisis

Biden Bank Rules Risk Enron-Style Financial Crisis /
Joe Biden can’t solve pressing issues like the immigration crisis, supply chain failures and rising crime, but his team “is single-minded and persistent when it comes to using federal financial regulators to do their bidding with respect to climate change.” In a Washington Times commentary, Project 21 Director of Membership ...
Horace Cooper Discusses Economy

Biden “Absolutely Wrong” on Economy /
While President Biden claims the economy is booming under his leadership, the bank accounts of many Americans are going bust just trying to make ends meet. Even the liberal CNN news channel is fact-checking him these days – finding his boasts to be malarkey. So is Project 21 Co-chairman Horace ...
jobs report

Good Jobs Report, But Bleak Prospects Loom /
The June jobs report was better than expected. But the hubris of Joe Biden was still high. “[I]t would not have been possible without the decisive action of my administration,” claimed the president in a football-spiking statement made soon after the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announcement that the unemployment ...
Patriot Front’s Boston March Was Repulsive, Hypocrisy Was Worse, by Rasheed Walters

Patriot Front’s Boston March Was Repulsive, Hypocrisy Was Worse, by Rasheed Walters

Project 21 Commentary /
On July 3, about a hundred members of the white nationalist group Patriot Front marched through the city. With faces covered, they carried the group’s flags and shields to the beat of a snare drum. They received justifiable backlash from lawmakers and community leaders for their brazen parade through downtown ...

In West Virginia v. EPA, Justices Push Back Against Administrative State /
"The Court’s latest ruling on regulatory policy was a crushing blow to leftist authoritarians and central planners in the United States," says Project 21 member AK Kamara. "It was a major victory for those of us who value the fact that we are constitutional republic with democratic institutions held accountable ...
Horace Cooper Defends Clarence Thomas

Racist Rants Against Clarence Thomas Reveal Hostility Toward Black Free Thought /
“Clarence Thomas is the leader of this Court,” declared Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper about the U.S. Supreme Court’s senior justice. In a discussion with host Laura Ingraham on the Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Horace continued: “This is Clarence Thomas’ Court. He is the intellectual leader. And what ...
Right to Pray

Black Activists Celebrate Supreme Court’s Protection of Religious Freedom

Press Release /
Washington, D.C. - Members of the Project 21 black leadership network praised a landmark win for religious freedom and free speech, as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that a school district wrongly fired a high school football coach who prayed at the conclusion of a game. “This decision marks ...
Court’s Abortion Decision Means “All Lives Matter”

Court’s Abortion Decision Means “All Lives Matter” /
“We’ve won this fight in the courtroom. But those who support the unborn can’t rest.” That was the initial comment of Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper, released just minutes after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its landmark ruling on abortion in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health ...

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