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to fight for TRUE corporate board diversity!

The board of directors of a corporation ought to reflect the diversity of its shareholders and customers – not just pander to the far left. Incorporating diverse perspectives on the board of directors isn’t just the right thing to do; it also expands opportunities for profitability and growth, encourages better critical thinking and allows for better oversight of corporate managers.

The Free Enterprise Project (FEP), the conservative shareholder activism arm of the National Center for Public Policy Research, has been fighting for true diversity and a balanced representation of conservative-minded people on corporate boards.

FEP has 4 upcoming shareholder proposals designed to balance the boards of some of the nation’s most unbalanced far-left companies. We are calling on all investors to exercise their rights and to vote for ideological balance at these companies. Viewpoint diversity is a WIN for investors and customers.

Top 4 Fights for Fair Representation Amidst

the Left’s Hostile Takeover of Corporate America

1. Vote for Viewpoint Disclosure at Amazon

The Free Enterprise Project is requesting (item 12 on Amazon’s proxy) that Amazon adopt a policy to disclose to shareholders the following:


  1. A description of the specific minimum qualifications that the Board’s nominating committee believes must be met by a nominee to be on the board of directors; and
  2. Each nominee’s skills, ideological perspectives, and experience presented in a chart or matrix form.

Amazon’s current liberal board wants you to vote no. Tell them you think diversity of thought matters! Vote “Yes” on FEP’s proposal.

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2. Vote for Viewpoint Disclosure at Facebook

The same FEP proposal will be considered at the Facebook shareholder meeting (item 8 on Facebook’s proxy. See pp. 61-62).

Again the board rejects our commonsense proposal, giving lip service to the idea that there are already policies in place. In their words, “We believe that implementing the proposal is unnecessary because our current disclosures effectively describe our board membership criteria and the experiences, qualifications, attributes, or skills that led our board of directors to recommend each of our current nominees for director.”

This is lip service to inclusion and diversity and doesn’t provide the sort of accountability investors deserve. We need you to vote “YES” on FEP’s proposal and tell Facebook that diversity of thought matters!

3. and 4. Vote For Increased Accountability and Ideological Disclosures at Twitter and Salesforce

Twitter’s response to our proposal was a veiled attempt at political correctness that belied the protection of its far-left liberal ideological preferences.

Salesforce’s comments were much the same as it rejected our proposal regarding establishing a “True Diversity” board policy. It claims that it is committed to adding high-quality candidates to its board of directors, but doesn’t want to disclose to shareholders whether or not it is stacking the deck with leadership that is soundly leftist.

Why Should Investors Care? Why Does This Lack of Corporate Accountability Matter?

Meaningful disclosures about potential board members will allow investors to judge how well-suited individual board nominees are for each Company and whether their listed skills, experience and attributes are appropriate in light of the Company’s overall business strategy. They discourage corporations from stacking the deck to further leftist ideology even at the expense of depleting shareholder returns. Corporations’ pursuit of a leftist political agenda can be a major risk factor for shareholders. Read below how Amazon has joined with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to advance leftist ideology.

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Amazon Charitable Donations Program

Uses Unreliable SPLC Censorship Lists

The Amazon Smile Charitable Support Program offers nonprofit organizations the opportunity to receive charitable donations from their own supporters who shop on Amazon, in the form of ½% of their purchases. According to TechCrunch, this program has raised over $100 million for nonprofits, based entirely on their supporters’ own purchases.

But Amazon arbitrarily and without recourse excludes any organization on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s so-called “hate group” list from eligibility. This list is a political and fundraising tool that is unreliable, and has been the subject of numerous media exposés by outlets such as the New York TimesPoliticoThe Washington Post, and Current Affairs, which calls SPLC “everything that’s wrong with Liberalism.”

Our petition demands that Amazon end the use of SPLC data in making eligibility determinations, and restore peaceful organizations targeted by SPLC to the Amazon Smile Program.

If diversity of thought and political affiliation were reflected on Amazon’s board, this partnership with the SPLC would never have happened. Help us put an end to this, and hold Amazon accountable by signing the petition.

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