Who Speaks for America? Pat Buchanan or the Beltway? – March, 1996

A New Visions Commentary published March 1996 by The National Center for Public Policy Research

So Pat Buchanan is a racist, anti-Semitic homophobic fanatic? What a surprise! Let me see if I get this right. Pat Buchanan’s love for America is a negative trait that cannot be tolerated by the people that preach tolerance, and diversity of ideas. It is of no surprise that these pundits and self-righteous experts of diversity and tolerance seem to have little trouble attacking Pat Buchanan for having a different opinion. Where is the compassion for diverse ideas? Why couldn’t the liberals consider Pat’s views as an “alternative worldview?”

The reason is obvious. They do not believe in diversity of ideas, nor are they tolerant of them. The quick attack on Buchanan is predictable because Buchanan is a threat to the social pimping, influence peddlers of the Inside the Beltway crowd. Buchanan is not under attack because his ideas are so radical, it is because they are held without the counsel and wisdom of his attackers.

Compare Pat Buchanan with the crack-smoking, womanizing Marion Barry or the number of indictments and investigations of Bill Clinton’s friends and appointees, and my point becomes obvious.

But there is a warm and comforting trend in politics, one that should give us hope. No matter how hard the media tries to prove that this nation’s electorate prefers moderation, the country still votes to the right. Here in California, the Democratic Speaker of the Assembly tried to pick his Republican successor and it took two recall elections before the politicians understood. The people are aware and informed and will no longer allow the dictates of anyone to control them.

The consultants, pollsters, and pundits believe that those who love America must hate the rest of the world. To them it is impossible to stand for a strong America without calling for a weak world. However, most of us see a logic in expecting our social leaders to protect our interest not the interest of the world.

The phenomena of Pat Buchanan’s rise to prominence can be credited to his current detractors. The people that are against him now must be held responsible for his popularity. Without the failed policies of liberals and misdirection of the press, Pat Buchanan would be nonexistent in popularity polls.

Support from the people, not just the Beltway crowd is the real blood of political life. Popularity will win over money every time — ask Ross Perot, Oliver North, Arianna Huffington and Steve Forbes. The groundswell of support for Buchanan is a wake-up call to the leadership of this country.

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