For the First Time Since 1974 More Americans Approve of the Performance of Congress Than Disapprove

According to a CNN/Time poll (814 adults survyed July 30-31, 1997) more Americans now approve of the performance of Congress than disapprove.

This is the first time in 23 years that Americans have held this view.

The specific poll result was:

Approve of Congress?

 Now (July 30-31, 1997)  April 1997
 Approve  45% 39%
 Disapprove 39% 48%


Other results in this poll included:

What is your opinion of the tax and budget bills?

 Favor 61%
 Oppose 24%

Will the budget and tax bill benefit the country?

 Yes 59%
No 30%

Who is more responsible for the budget agreement?

 GOP 41%
Clinton 32%

Who got more in the budget agreement?

 GOP 39%
Clinton 33%


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