It’s Time for Defenders of Traditional Families to Stand Up for What They Believe In – August 1997

Hawaii has become the first state in the Union to recognize “domestic partners” as a legitimate family structure with rights previously reserved for traditional families. Usually the course of civilization is changed and directed by society, not by government. In Hawaii’s instance, the change is directed by government managing the societal norms we live with.

Not only are homosexuals allowed the same benefits and recognition that married couples have, but Hawaii recognizes all relationships between adults that are not sanctioned under marriage. Siblings and good friends are among the types of relationships recognized.

The possibilities are endless. Now the unemployed brother-in-law can be claimed as a “domestic partner,” allowing him to be entitled to health care coverage. A married man could claim a sister as a “domestic partner.”

In effect, the notion of “traditional marriage” is rendered obsolete by Hawaii’s recognition of “domestic partners.” Hawaii has legalized behavior that most find offensive and left no social recognition for sanctioned families.

As I have written before, “they [the promoters of these new rights] are after your children.” Homosexual rights today, pedophile rights tomorrow. Already the pedophiles are organizing and publicly promoting their agenda. They march in every “Gay Pride” parade and call themselves “child lovers,” rather than the child abusers they are. They are slowly seeking the same acceptance their homosexual predecessors have achieved and have followed in much the same path.

Thirty years ago, homosexuality was a mental illness diagnosed and treated by the mental health professional. Today it is an “alternate lifestyle” and those who will not accept it are considered mentally unbalanced and given “sensitivity training.” Only a few years ago, pedophilia was a criminal act clear and simple. But now it is a mental illness and the pattern of decriminalization has begun.

The “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition” is used by the mental health professional to diagnose and treat mental illness and is the standard for insurance payments. It is the standard dictionary for psychiatrists and psychologists and it has defined three absolute characteristics of “pedophilia.” One criteria states, “The fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.”

Many doctors criticize this criterion because it clearly indicates that a pedophile is only a pedophile if he feels guilty about his actions. If the pedophile does not feel guilt about molesting children, then the definition indicates he is normal. This watered down definition will no doubt find its way into our courts, spawning a “pedophilia rights” that may rival the homosexual rights movement.

The constant march of homosexual rights activists is not just present in Hawaii, it is an epidemic nation wide. In California, lesbian State Senator Carole Migden (D-San Francisco) introduced AB 1059.

She proudly announces that her bill “expands the concept of family.” AB 1059 forces private insurance companies to see spouse and “domestic partner” as the same. Activists have redefined the family and introduced “gay marriages” into California politics. This is one of over a dozen bills California’s Democratic-controlled state legislature has attempted to force feed the citizens of California. If private insurance companies want to recognize domestic partners, they should have the right to do so. But if insurers wish to only recognize traditional marriages, then that should be their choice, without a state mandate prohibiting them.

Homosexuals in both state houses seem determined to get public approval for their bedroom activities. Rather than hide in the closet, they are openly standing-up for what they believe in. It’s time for defenders of traditional families to do the same.

(C. Mason Weaver, a member of the national Advisory Council of the African-American leadership group Project 21, is President of The Committee to Restore America (Oceanside, CA).)


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