Scoop: August 24, 1998

Contents* Scandals Discussed
* Congress Considers Ban on Single-Sex Training in the Military
* Fund Established for Capitol Policemen Killed in the Line of Duty
* Kosova Partly Our Fault
* Noted Author Accuses Democratic Party of Practicing Socialism
* Congressman Announces Legislation to Curb Executive Orders
* Many Republicans Fund Group Working Against Republicans
* Poll: Missile Defense Supported
* Ending Marriage Penalty Fails


Activities at July 29 and August Wednesday Strategy Lunches chaired by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation, House Majority Whip Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) and Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK), and sponsored by Coalitions for America (202/546-3003).


Scandals DiscussedHouse Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX), Paul Weyrich and Tom Jipping of the Free Congress Foundation, Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute and Amy Ridenour of The National Center for Public Policy Research expressed concern that the President would veto appropriations bills consistent with last year’s budget agreement to create a diversion from scandals. Paul Weyrich also reviewed rumored threats that Bill Clinton would use an “Ellen Romesh strategy.” Weyrich reminded participants that during the Kennedy Administration, information surfaced that Kennedy had had an affair with an East German spy, Ellen Romesh. Senators Everett Dirksen and Mike Mansfield scheduled hearings into possible security breaches, but FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover told them Attorney General Robert Kennedy had files on Congressmen and would release them if hearings occurred. The hearings were cancelled. Weyrich said “I put nothing past [the Clinton Administration],” but urged Congressmen to ignore this threat and simply do what they believe is right. Contact Rep. DeLay via Autumn Hanna at 202/225-0197, Paul Weyrich and Tom Jipping at 202/546-3000, Morton Blackwell at 703/247-2000, Amy Ridenour at (202) 507-6398.


Congress Considers Ban on Single-Sex Training in the MilitaryCongressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) discussed a provision of the 1999 National Defense Authorization Act (HR 3616) that would end single-sex military training. President Clinton instituted mixed-gender training over the objections of military leaders who complained that this would harm morale, training and readiness. This is verified, said Bartlett, by the mounting evidence “detailing the demoralizing and chilling effect of sex-related scandals at basic training facilities across the country… Men and women are different and worshiping at the altar of political correctness will not change this fact.” In a bipartisan vote, the House National Security Committee rejected an amendment 30-23 that would have stripped the provision separating the sexes during training. The full House approved HR 3616, which is currently in the conference committee reconciling differences in the 1999 defense authorization. The single-sex basic training provision could not be inserted into the Senate defense bill because of the objections of Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME). Bartlett said that it was critical that House conferees insist upon keeping the single-sex provision in the final bill. To that end, a bipartisan letter signed by 72 male and female House members was sent to conferees July 21 asking that they keep the single-sex language in the Conference Report. President Clinton has threatened to veto the defense bill if the provision is included. Bartlett noted that the signatories to the letter include the top four members of the Republican leadership and all but two full Committee Chairmen. The House-Senate conferees are Senator Strom Thurmond (R-SC), Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Rep. Floyd Spence (R-SC) and Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO). Contact Jim Backlin at 202/225-2721. For additional information on mixed-gender training, visit


Fund Established for Capitol Policemen Killed in the Line of DutyHouse Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX) discussed the recent killings of two U.S. Capitol Police Officers, shot on duty protecting the Capitol. DeLay expressed strong sympathy for the families of the officers, and reminded participants that “We’re trying to raise enough money… for a trust fund… so the widows and families are kept whole at at least the salaries they have lost.” He encouraged participants who are willing and able to send contributions for the families to the Capitol Police memorial Fund, 119 D Street N.E., U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC 20510. Contact Rep. DeLay via Autumn Hanna at 202/225-0197.


Kosova Partly Our FaultFormer Congressman Joe DioGuardi (R-NY) and Bashkim Brahmani, representing the Albanian-American Civic League, discussed atrocities by Slobodan Milosevic and his forces in Kosova and the Balkans and U.S. culpability in the atrocities. DioGuardi explained that U.N. Ambassador-Nominee Holbrook took a “policy bribe” from Milosevic, which has resulted in the current Kosova situation. “There is blood on the hands of the State Department; Mr. Holbrook,” said DioGuardi, who also said that Secretary of State Albright has been “muzzled by Sandy Berger… there’s no leadership at the top.” Contact Joe DioGuardi at 914/762-5530.


Noted Author Accuses Democratic Party of Practicing SocialismBalint Vazsonyi, the author of America’s 30 Years War: Who Is Winning?, addressed participants on the Democratic Party’s abandonment of America’s founding principles. Vazsonyi notes that there are four founding principles that have made America great: 1) commitment to the rule of law; 2) individual rights; 3) respect for private property; 4) common American identity. In the 1960s, Vazsonyi said, the Democratic Party abandoned these four crucial principles for the principles of European socialism. As a result, he said, much of the agenda of the Democratic Party is no different than the socialist parties of Europe. Vazsonyi says the Democratic Party’s socialist philosophy replaces the Rule of Law with vaguely-defined social justice; group rights over individual rights; environmental and other regulatory policies over property rights; and a divisive multiculturalism over a common American identity. Vazsonyi urged Republicans to not shy away from using the socialist label out of fear being derided by the Left. Vazsonyi said, “conservatives are not losing the war of ideas but the war of words.” Contact Balint Vazsonyi at 202/337-4687 or [email protected] (


Congressman Announces Legislation to Curb Executive OrdersCongressman Jack Metcalf (R-WA) said he is proposing a bill to limit President Clinton’s excessive use of Executive Orders to skirt congressional opposition. One provision would prohibit the President from using an Executive Order if it clearly violates the Constitution. Contact Rep. Metcalf at 202/225-2605.


Many Republicans Fund Group Working Against RepublicansKen Boehm of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) addressed participants on the ongoing misuse of taxpayer dollars by the Legal Services Corporation. Boehm noted that NLPC has compiled more than 300 examples of cases where legal services attorneys violate their ostensible mission of helping the poor by filing lawsuits that advance a liberal agenda. Despite this evidence, a coalition of pro-LSC Republicans ardently and successfully opposes cuts in funding. Boehm said, “Every organization and group in the Republican coalition has been hurt in one form or another by LSC-funded litigation.” To maintain pressure for spending reductions, Boehm announced that NLPC is compiling a database of 151,000 people who have been sued by LSC grantees. “That’s 151,000 fresh allies in the ongoing campaign to end this wasteful program,” said Boehm. Contact Ken Boehm at 703/847-3088 or [email protected] (


Poll: Missile Defense SupportedFrank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy announced the finding of a new poll conducted by Kellyanne Fitzpatrick that shows the American public overwhelmingly supports a missile defense system. The poll asked respondents: “If America is spending $10 billion a year in Bosnia, would you support spending half of that amount on a missile defense system to protect the U.S.?” Gaffney said 80% support spending money on missile defense. Contact Frank Gaffney at 202/466-0515 (


Ending Marriage Penalty FailsSenator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) reported that legislation to repeal the marriage penalty tax, sponsored by Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), had to be withdrawn due to Democratic opposition. Contact Gary Hoitsma at 202/224-4721. *


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