Protect the Black Middle Class: Cut Taxes Now!

It must be the duty of our elected leaders in Congress to act quickly and decisively to provide tax relief to the American people. It is absurd that the government will be running a $1.6 trillion budget surplus over the next decade while continuing to collect taxes at record levels. It is clearly time for them to give something back.

We currently have the largest Black middle class in the history of our nation. Tax relief provided by Congress will only help expand these numbers. It will allow even more Americans of all races to rise above their current circumstances and take advantage of the benefits they have worked so hard to achieve. By allowing the American people to take home more of what they have rightfully earned, it will expand their ability to invest, save for their retirement and provide educational opportunities for themselves and their families. Not only will tax relief help these people in particular, but it will enrich our nation as a whole — financially, spiritually and morally.

Congress should not allow this golden opportunity to pass without action. They must look past further than the modest tax cuts now being proposed to consider the long-term benefits of true tax relief.

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