Internet Regulation Alert

Fiscal conservatives/libertarians and social conservatives are joining together to fight federal government regulation of the Internet.

At stake is low-cost Internet access, the continued unfettered technological improvement of the Internet and Americans’ Internet freedoms.

The National Center for Public Policy Research has examined, in The Internet Works Best Without Government Regulation, battles between America Online and Microsoft, and America Online and AT&T, and concluded that the best way to resolve these disputes is through competition and the free market, not through calls for government intervention.

In Don’t Believe the Internet Know-It-Alls, The National Center shows how hard it is to build and maintain a monopoly in the Internet/technology field.

In A Virtual Revolution: Government Permitting, Online Shopping May Become a $300 Billion Industry, The National Center looks at the promise of Internet technological advancement — if government gets out of the way.

Americans for Tax Reform, a libertarian/fiscal conservative organization in Washington D.C. with over 90,000 members nationwide has published "Washington and Silicon Valley at the Crossroads: Government Regulation and the Internet," which explains how the federal government has set its sights on America’s burgeoning high technology industry, and why taxpayers, consumers and businesses should be concerned.

The Council for National Policy, a conservative organization with a long history of activism on social issues, has published an Internet Regulation Alert, which tells you what you as a private citizen can do about this critical and pressing issue.

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