Stupid Justice, by R.D. Davis

A New Visions Commentary paper published February 2001 by The National Center
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There was a big sigh of relief from the business community when the anti-business political appointees who ran the Clinton Justice Department left.

That Big Brother-styled Justice Department brought yet another private business to its knees. This time around, it’s Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s now cannot determine its own delivery policy.

On June 5, 2000, Domino’s agreed to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods it had previously shunned because of the safety risks posed to its drivers. In the future, decisions by local Domino’s managers to refuse delivery to an area based on safety concerns must first have their decisions reviewed and approved by the company’s security director. One would wonder if, when a driver became yet another crime statistic while making a delivery, a review would still be necessary.

Before the Domino’s "agreement" with Justice, drivers avoided neighborhoods where they felt unsafe. With crime as it is in some areas, could you blame them? Can these drivers be accused of merely discriminating on the grounds of race? It is in the company’s best interests to sell as many pizzas as possible, not to discriminate and subsequently lose a sale.

Logical and rational reasoning aside, the Clinton Justice Department sensed discrimination on Domino’s part. This, by the way, is one example of how left-wingers use blacks to stifle business. It was determined that the company was guilty of a form of racial profiling because drivers who did not go into areas they sensed were dangerous sometimes based their decision on a neighborhood’s racial make-up. The drivers were not afraid of anyone because of their race, but were afraid of criminals of all races. Some of Domino’s drivers were blacks who would not deliver in the very neighborhoods in which they live!

It seems the social engineers at the Clinton Justice Department could care less about the safety of these drivers. Justice is only concerned about the perceived needs of all people – regardless of race or creed – having the right to pizza. At least two dozen Domino’s drivers nationwide have been killed on the job despite the company’s growing attention to security. What about the rights of all people to avoid being killed?

If those officials had intelligence and guts, they would have instead send their people undercover – posing as delivery drivers – to those feared areas before interfering with Domino’s delivery policies to see whether problems actually exist. Just maybe those areas are dangerous, and – if they are – then they should proceed to eliminate the criminals from our black neighborhoods. (Oops! But wouldn’t this also be a viewed as racial profiling?)

Domino’s is the largest pizza delivery company in the world. Surely, they want to stay that way by selling as many pizzas as possible to pizza lovers of all races. However, someone at the company headquarters decided that safety concerns outweigh Domino’s interest in selling pizza. Who will not agree with this position? The answer… stupid Justice.

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