The Problem of Liberal Government and Black Illegitimacy, by Mike Green

A recent segment of the Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” discussed the large number of black kids born out of wedlock and raised without fathers. It’s about time responsible journalists addressed the issues affecting America in an aggressive and well-informed manner. But I’d like to add some startling facts.

The notion that we are still victims of slavery is a ploy designed to influence us and apologetic whites to support liberal causes such as expanded government. It’s a bogus claim. Our ancestors recovered quickly from the despair of slavery. Communities were built, businesses were started and colleges were constructed by freed slaves and their immediate descendants.

In 1964, when Southern Democrats lost their fight against the Civil Rights Act, blacks progressed at a phenomenal rate. Albeit poor, we were moving in the right direction. We believed in God, family and freedom. Families were mostly intact. Out-of-wedlock births were below 25 percent, and that was considered high.

Despite open discrimination, the fact that black kids were born into intact two-parent families is a crucial point too often neglected. I believe that is a primary reason why there are now successful blacks in nearly every industry in America even though we only represent 13 percent of the population.

What sent the black out-of-wedlock birth rate soaring into the stratosphere? It began in 1965, and took only ten years to unravel 100 years of post-slavery progress. It’s the dirty little secret that created the chaotic mess now confronting America.

In 1965, liberals began introducing hundreds of government programs creating a massive welfare state now in dire need of reform. The dirty secret is that, under the guise of government assistance, those wishing to suck from the federal cash nipple must remove the male provider from a household or find their cash cut off. As a result, black illegitimacy skyrocketed. Between 1965 and 1975, the implementation of these programs more than doubled in the black community.

No other factor in the history of black Americans has produced such devastation in such a short time.

Out-of-wedlock births and fatherless homes go hand-in-hand. Women are sometimes ill-equipped to raise boys, and rampant crime originates from these uncontrollable boys without fathers who grow into ignorant and dangerous men. The cycle of violence escalates with each new generation of black bastards.

Should black America assume some responsibility for this mess? You bet. But is it by mistake or design that government programs to help financially-strapped families can be accessed only if the nucleus of the family is destroyed in the process? Is it by mistake or design that the political party that failed to defeat the Civil Rights Act is tossing cash in the face of poor black women only if they divorce their men and marry the government?

Ever since Republicans first passed civil rights legislation in 1866, opponents of more rights and freedoms and equal status for blacks have lost every battle. They have, however, convinced blacks that conservatives seek to oppress us. That’s another lie. The attention we give to hating white conservatives, who actually seek to uphold moral virtues and fight for our independence from government, keeps us from paying attention to our own problems.

Take the example of abortion. Did you know that 40 percent of all abortions are black babies? Have we benefited from this genocide? Abortion is promoted by the same liberals who perpetuate the stupid notion that a government with more money (read: higher taxes), more power and more control can better address our problems.

It’s lunacy that the liberals who created the mess in black America now promote themselves as the solution!

By creating a wedge between black men and women through the lure of cash and trying to replace the black man altogether, liberals in government have taken the place of the oppressive slavemaster and created a plantation of dependency. Black “leaders” who gain power or wealth as a de facto overseer do their level best to keep us willingly marching into the den of dependency and a perpetual state of moral decay.

Things must change. We must stop abandoning and killing our children. We must care enough to immediately truncate the creation of black bastards. And we must realign ourselves with a commitment to those virtues that helped us overcome all obstacles in the past – faith, family and freedom.

(Mike Green is a member of Project 21 and a columnist for The Village News in Fallbrook, California. He can be reached at [email protected]. A photo of Mr. Green can be downloaded at

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