ESPN: Hypocrites, and Yes, I Can Prove It

I’m posting very little of my email on the Rush Limbaugh controversy because there is too much of it (a lot of which calls conservatives a bunch of names while complaining about name-calling, amusingly enough), but I will address one subject that has come up in many of them: The accusation that I made up the allegation that ESPN chastised Limbaugh for his comments and accepted Rush Limbaugh’s resignation, with ESPN’s president calling the resignation an “appropriate” response, while ESPN hypocritically ran a poll on its website raising the exact question Limbaugh raised.

Many people have sent me emails such as the one below from Sean Wray of Banks Information Solutions of Austin:

ESPN’s poll asks “Is Donovan McNabb overrated? If so, why?” It does not ask if McNabb has been overrated because of his race as you state in your article. I think it’s unfortunate that Rush felt he had to resign or that ESPN forced him to resign. Having said that I just find it amusing how you blatantly lie thus destroying any credibility you might have. Your first example is a lie. Why would I or continue read your column?

Sean Wray

My reply to all of you: Here’s a screenshot of their poll. I first saw it on the main page the evening of October 1 and it was still there until mid-afternoon October 2.

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