Jesse Jackson: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is just published a short story about Project 21’s press release of earlier today.

Jesse Jackson Urged to Sponsor Black Race Car Driver

( – A conservative African-American leadership network says Jesse Jackson should put his money where his mouth is — by sponsoring a promising black race-car driver. Project 21 notes that Jackson has publicly complained about black drivers being excluded from NASCAR. Given this continuing dissatisfaction, Project 21 said Jackson should use some of the money NASCAR has given him “and use it to directly support an up-and-coming black driver — a driver, for example, such as Herbie Bagwell, Jr.” As reported earlier, on June 24, a board member of Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition renewed the attack on NASCAR, publicly charging that auto racing remains “the last bastion of white supremacy” in professional sports. According to Project 21, Bagwell – a racer since 1988 – recently was offered a race team for the upcoming Busch North Series after posting good testing times at the New Hampshire International Speedway. The $250,000 that NASCAR reportedly gave Jackson could be used to finance a driver like Bagwell throughout the six-race series, Project 21 said in a press release.


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