Stop Me Before I Shoot Up Again

Amanda C. Hagan, 29, is suing seven defendants because she took illegal drugs.

Hagan injected herself with heroin and cocaine while involuntarily committed at the Norristown State Hospital. After nurse gave Hagan an anti-depressant, she suffered a drug overdose, was taken to an emergency room, and recovered.

Hagan is suing Montgomery County (PA), the private psychiatric agency in that operates Norristown State Hospital, the Montgomery County Mental Health-Mental Retardation Emergency Service, the 18-year-old hospital visitor who gave her the drugs and two unidentified people who allegedly sold the drugs. The lawsuit says the defendants should have prevented the overdose and the hospital should have warned visitors against taking illegal drugs to visitors.

Ridiculous Suit is Waste of Time, Allentown, PA Morning Call, June 27, 2003, brought to our attention by Walter Olson’s blog

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