Down to the Wire

There are quite a few really excellent pieces out today from various conservative think-tanks and commentators about the drug reimportation legislation the House should be voting on late tonight. You’d think, with so many people writing about this, that the pieces would all have a certain sameness. But no.

Hmmm… Wonder if that means that conservatives who worry about this proposal are thinking for themselves and not merely acting as fronts for the drug industry, as some who like foreign price controls have implied (well, no, said outright).

Here’s just a few of many pieces I liked: Grace-Marie Turner has good points about patent laws, though I admit I liked the section about the screaming match with Rep. Gil Gutknecht best. has quite a few good pieces — too many to list, really.

University of Chicago Law Professor Richard Epstein’s take: that the only way to counter “the persistent problem of foreign free-riding on American innovation… is through tough negotiations [with foreign governments]…”

Duane Freese tells us about Canadians who have to come here to get drugs they can’t get in Canada because of Canada’s price controls.

Over at National Review, Robert Goldberg of the Manhattan Institute discusses the trial lawyers’ role in all this, while Doug Bandow wonders why we “demonize those who cure us.”

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