A nice letter. One of the things I have really appreciated over the years is the extremely nice letters that people send. Not complaining about anything, not asking for any gratis research lookups (yes, I mean you, students with a paper due who need 2,000 words really, really fast, preferably tonight), not name-calling or threatening to come over and do violence (yes, we get a few of those) or claiming without the slightest bit of information or accuracy that we?re in the pocket of some industry (if only we were in the pockets of all the industries we’re accused of being in, we?d be rich enough to fund our own foundation). Just folks who take a couple of minutes to brighten someone else?s day with a nice note. So, thanks, A.W., and to all of you out there who send nice letters to people you have never even met. I hope other people are treating you as nicely as you treat the world.

I am really enjoying the Blog. As a young African American woman I find the diversity in the reporting refreshing, nothing gets past you!

Thank you much…


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