So How About It, Ms. Lee? What’s Your Source?

A New York Times piece by Jennifer 8. Lee on July 28 says “Many senators are torn between growing public concern about global warming and industry’s contentions that carbon dioxide regulations are misguided…”

I’ll skip a diatribe about the story labeling everyone on our side of the issue as “industry” and go on to Ms. Lee’s assertion that public concern about global warming is “growing.”

What’s Ms. Lee’s source? She doesn’t say. Did she make this up?

I went to the Gallup website in search of answers. In April 2003, Gallup said, 28 percent of Americans “worry a great deal” about global warming.

In March 2002, Gallup said, 29 percent of Americans “worry a great deal” about global warming. In 2000, 40 percent did.

I don’t see a confirmation of Ms. Lee’s assertion in these numbers, but perhaps she used another pollster.

So, how about it, Ms. Lee. What’s your source?

(Another interesting fact from Gallup: In 2002, only 32 percent of those polled thought the news media’s reporting on global warming was “generally correct.”)

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