Buffalo Soldiers

An interesting letter in response to Project 21’s complaints that Disney/Miramax (strangely) chose the nickname of widely-admired black military units for its new movie about military misfits.

Hello, Mr. Almasi,

My wife and I saw this film last night and aside from being unable to find anything redeeming in it, I am struck by the use of the name of the legendary Buffalo Soldiers of the Plains Wars as the title of this movie. Your review, at http://mhking.blogspot.com/2003_07_20_mhking_archive.html, was the only one I can find that even mentions this issue. I must keep in mind that nothing happens in a movie by accident – everything is staged. So is the title supposed to reference the fact that the MP’s were all Black? Or is it supposed to suggest that Army recruits, who according to the film, are there because they were criminals who close the military as an alternative to prison, are similar to the freed slaves who became the Buffalo Soldiers in 1866? This is an insult to everyone concerned.

I’d appreciate any further thinking you may have on this question, or any articles of which you’re aware that discuss it.

Thank you very much.


BTW, I was opposed to the Iraq War, and I oppose the direction George Bush is taking us in. I am not a fan of the military. But this film seems far too much of a stretch to be taken seriously. It is NOT funny, however, it’s disgusting.

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