What Do Rockefellers Have Against Bathrooms, Anyway?

The Fox News Channel ran a story last night on something covered in this blog July 31: The DC PBS affiliate’s protest against the construction of a building to house services — such as a bathroom — for Hispanic day laborers. The building was to be located next door to PBS studios in suburban Washington, DC.

PBS has lost, despite head Sharon Percy Rockefeller’s complaint to the Arlington County, VA board that the big shot guests who visit the PBS studios might be distressed by the proximity of immigrant workers. The workers will get their facility and soon will enjoy access to a rest room. PBS guests, I suppose, will just have to avert their eyes while walking between their air conditioned cars and the lobby, lest their discomfiture adversely affect their ability to radiate ponderous moral authority on PBS broadcasts.

Mrs. Rockfeller is the wife of West Virginia Senator (and ex-Governor) Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, a state in the top five for homes without complete bathroom facilities. Maybe that’s no coincidence.

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