Pizza Man Discriminates Against Germans, Is Jailed

The Danish restaurant owner who refused to serve French and German would-be customers because France and Germany opposed the war in Iraq is going to prison, according to this London Telegraph story.

Niels-Aage Bjerre was fined the equivalent of approximately $750 but says he will refuse to pay and instead will spend eight days in jail. He was convicted for discrimination against a German couple who ordered pizzas. When Bjerre learned the couple was German, he refunded their money and retrieved their pizzas.

Bjerre says the Danish courts are “traitors” because: “The judges have chosen to support those who do not support the official Danish position on the war against Iraq.”

According to the Telegraph, Bjerre says he will end his boycott only “if the governments of France and Germany change their attitude toward the United States and support Washington wholeheartedly.”

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