“You Are Full of S—,” says Green Architect

“You are full of s—,” reads the headline on an e-mail we received this morning from a Daniel F. Hellman, whose e-mail address reveals him to be a partner in Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects, LLC, of St. Louis. The e-mail goes on to say, apparently about our website’s environmental materials, “This is the most disgusting propaganda I have ever seen.”

Then another e-mail arrived from Mr. Hellman, headlined “Stooges of the Bush Administration.” It referred us, not politely, to a page on the website of the Natural Resources Defense Council which contained this improbable but confident assertion: “Oil from the Arctic Refuge… doesn’t promise any relief from dependence on foreign oil.”

Finally, a third message, saying in full: “I hope someone turns your neighborhood into a toxic waste dump.”

This, dear readers, is the level of discourse of the environmental left. On a good day.

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