Why Run for Attorney General if Your Dream Job is to Run the American Lung Association?

The Attorneys General of Connecticut and Maine have written a letter to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft asking Ashcroft to investigate whether the White House asked the free market Conservative Enterprise Institute to sue the Administration.

Mr. Blumenthal is known for being a left-wing activist on environmental issues, undertaking actions such as suing the Bush Administration essentially for having a different point of view than he has on global warming, but this seems extreme, even for him.

The lawsuit questions the scientific accuracy of a three-year-old study on global warming.

An AP story August 27 says Blumenthal also is asking the federal government to investigate the price of gasoline, even though he has no information that a crime has been committed, and another story of the same date says he and other state AGs are asking Hollywood to cut down on the number of scenes showing smoking in movies.

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