Except for Millions of Murders, Communism Works Great in China

More dissatisfaction in the mailbag:

You can’t be serious! Do you really believe all that crap about Russia! Do you even know if that is from a credible source, or are you doing like most Americans and pointing your finger before you even have an adequate understanding of the issue? I can’t believe you actually put this stuff on the web, it just makes you guys look bad. To think that you guys are still freaked out because of the whole Cold war, Russia is evil idea. Come on, look a China, communism has worked fine for them and they are coming into the international market bringing great things that they are able to produce thanks to a communist government that a democracy could never produce. Please, in the future do your research before you put up articles like this one, http://www.nationalcenter.org/PRRussia903b.html, that are just plain stupid and baseless.



This e-mail sort of brought back memories for me. Back when we were fighting the Cold War — at our institution during the 1980s, pretty much full-time — we were constantly fighting folks who sympathized with Communism, or liked the Soviet dictator du jour more than they liked Ronald Reagan, or who claimed that women and minorities were better off in Russia than in the US, or that health care was better in communist states. You name it, there wasn’t a bit of communist propaganda that wasn’t swallowed by a whole lot of people, most of whom thought advocates of human rights in communist lands like us were hateful warmongers.

Once the West won the Cold War, most of these folks acted like they had solely been on our side the entire time. The hyposcrisy was so rampant, columnst Mona Charen has written an entire book on it, called “Useful Idiots.”

That’s what brings back memories for me with Reed’s email. He defends communism. Unlike the others, though, and to his credit, he’s open about it. How he can believe what he does about China escapes me, however.

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