Con & Pro

Samples from the mailbag — one negative, one positive — about our press release this morning about Rush Limbaugh:

I have done a lot of work with you guys in the past. I have even quoted your research in our work. But now that I know what you are about, I think I will look elsewhere.Ken Brown
Alexis de Tocqueville Institution

Kudos to Amy Ridenour for her article. The best point of all is from Rush Limbaugh – Free speech only exists for Liberals that seek to destroy the American way of life. All other speech is mean spirited, offensive and just plain wrong. You can have a brain and believe the Liberal cause, but if you open your mind and listen to conservative thoughts…you are close-minded and brainless.

Since the conservative right is almost always portrayed as wealthy arrogant white guys that just don’t get it, it is always refreshing to hear from someone who is not in that category expressing an opinion that does follow the National Press Club standard line. Again, Kudos to Amy Ridenour.

Mark A. Keene

I’ve gotten more comments than this but am unwilling to post the negative comments that contain highly graphic anatomical references interspersed with four-letter-words. It’s enough just to say that I’m receiving them. It’s ironic, though, that emails like that come from folks who claim to be protesting “offensive speech.”

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