Limbaugh’s Resignation

I am sorry to see Rush Limbaugh resigning from his ESPN commentary spot. The entire matter is ridiculous, as I note in a press release. After all, if what Rush said was so awful, why didn’t it seem that way to the other panelists on the ESPN show at the time? I’ve watched a clip of that debate several times, and while there was disagreement with Rush over the extent of McNabb’s talents, no one seemed to react to Rush’s thought that the news media “is desirous” that black quarterbacks succeed. It’s only after the politically-correct crowd leaps in that the comments strike the ESPN crowd as noteworthy.

If you go to Google News as I did and read what sports commentators are writing about this, you’ll see a lot of hate directed at political conservatives. Reading many of these commentaries Wednesday night, I did not find a single one critical of Rush that did not also condemn his political views.

ESPN has been very hypocritical in this matter, formally saying Rush’s resignation was appropriate at their very time the main page of the website carried a poll asking visitors to vote on whether McNabb is overrated and, if so, if it is because of his race. What’s good for the goose…? I hope ESPN’s ratings sink like a stone.

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