Taking Care of Their Own

NCPPR executive director David W. Almasi sends along a note:

Liberal hatred of President Bush has become an all-consuming passion for many. In his congressional district, it’s gone so far that a candidate running to replace a very embarrassing incumbent has dropped out of the race to focus her efforts on hating the President!

Here are just a couple of things that my congressman, Jim Moran (D-VA), has done to bring attention to himself:

* Accosted an eight-year-old boy who pretended to hold him up.

* Entered into a questionable personal financial deal with a lobbyist involved in legislation he was in a position to influence (he needed the money to help pay off personal debts). He also received a favorable loan despite his poor credit.

* Alleged to have roughed up his wife, but no charges were filed (his wife filed for divorce a short time afterward).

* Sold his personal car and began using a car leased by his campaign for personal use.

* Assaulted fellow congressmen Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) and Dan Burton (R-IN).

* Viciously opposed the renaming of Washington National Airport to honor Ronald Reagan to the extent that he was against the Reagan name being used on mass transit maps and signs.

* Claimed that powerful American Jews were behind the military ouster of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

* Has a reputation of being a very combative and physically abusive when confronted by critics.

In 2004, he will face primary opposition. This watershed came after the Jewish remarks were made earlier this year. Several prominent local politicians have announced their intentions to challenge him. But one, former congresswoman and current state senator Leslie Byrne, has decided to drop out of the race. Why? The Washington Post reports Byrne feels her time is better spent trying to get George W. Bush out of office. If she defeated Moran, she says, it might be a hollow victory: “I would still have George Bush in the White House, and that is just not acceptable.”

When liberals cannot take care of their own, why should they think they have the moral standing to take care of all of us?

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