The Government Can’t Even Put Out a Fire

There’s a good bit of idiocy in this piece, which tries to tie forest fires to global warming.

Environmentalists have a lot of gall. They oppose forest thinning and sensible management programs to reduce the chance of monster forest fires. Then, when thousands of people those their homes and many are killed, instead of taking responsibility (as any moral people would) and rethinking their extremism, they try to exploit the death and destruction for one of their other pet causes.

A pet cause that is not, by the way, any better grounded in sound science than their forest policy recommendations are. Manybe less.

The best observation on this I’ve seen comes from Ron Nehring, now the chairman of the San Diego Republican Party, but once known as the guy who put the African-American leadership group Project 21 on the map:

“And as for global warming, the government can’t even put out a FIRE, and they think the government can affect the whole PLANET??? They should get their priorities straight. When they’ve mastered the skill of putting a bucket of water on a fire, they can come back and talk about doing something with the planet.”

If Ron seems a little emotional, it is because his house came within a whisker of burning down. See the photos and read his story here. Pay particular attention to the fact that the burned areas in the photos are government property, and the land that was saved was Ron’s well-tended private property.

Keep in mind also that the environmentalists would call Ron’s house and yard, which lie on the outskirts of San Diego, “sprawl.” Well, viva la sprawl, I say. It sure beats carnage.

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