And Then There Was One

More on the story of Congressman Jim Moran from NCPPR executive director David W. Almasi:

And then there was one.

Yet another of Congressman Jim Moran’s announced primary opponents has dropped out of the race. Former Fairfax County Board Chairman Katherine Hanley dropped out citing the lack of time necessary to unseat Moran. The remaining primary opponent is a little-known area attorney. The new state chairman for the Democratic Party, upon hearing the news, said Hanley’s withdrawal “paves the way for Jim Moran’s re-election.”

This means that I will once again have a congressman who, if he was a conservative, would be described as an anti-Semitic, wife-beating, cheating, hot-headed unethical partisan. But, since he’s a liberal, I guess I’ll have to settle with him being a “maverick.”

I guess I have to get used to being embarrassed by my representatives. I came to Washington from the south suburbs of Chicago. At first, mother was extremely proud of our representative, Ed Derwinksi — who became the first secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. More recent ones, after congressional redistricting, were more interested in having affairs. Gus Savage was ousted after it was revealed he sexually assaulted a Peace Corps worker in Zaire and criticized her as a “traitor to the black movement” for rejecting his advances. He was defeated in a primary challenge by Mel Reynolds. Reynolds, however, left the office in disgrace. He was convicted of criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual abuse and child pornography related to a campaign worker. After he got out of prison, he went to work for Jesse Jackson and Jesse Jackson, Jr. now holds the congressional seat.

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