Thoughts About Racismitis

Words from Project 21 member Darryn “Dutch” Martin:

Cincinnati is afflicted with another case of police brutality/racismitis. This time, events were caught on tape (please see Project 21 member Jerry Brooks’ analysis of the racial ramifications). I may sound cold-hearted, but I’ll say it anyway: as unfortunate as the incident and subsequent death of Nathaniel Jones was, I have no sympathy for him.

Why? Consider the facts:

1. The guy was high on drugs (cocaine, PCP and methanol in his system), so a big strike against him there;

2. He resisted arrest (strike two); and

3. Given his medical condition — an enlarged heart — he should have exercised common sense by not committing the first two blunders.

Nathaniel Jones contributed to his own demise, plain and simple, but you’ll never hear that from the police-hating racial mafia who saw this as a golden opportunity to once again stick it to law enforcement. Even worse is the fact that many blacks continue to buy into the lies, deceit and mind games of the modern-day black establishment.

When is the rest of the black community going to realize such self-appointed “leaders” are only concerned with advancing their own selfish political and personal agendas at their expense? Are we collectively that stupid!?

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