We’re Not Green at All — Just White

Executive director David W. Almasi notes that green groups are being accused of being monochromatic:

Our friends at the African-American Environmental Association just released the results of a survey they conducted on the diversity of establishment environmental organizations. Well, they tried to do a survey. Of the 25 groups they contacted, only two responded. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation outright refused to participate. Survey results can be found here.

According to AAEA president Norris McDonald: “Having observed the environmental movement for the past 25 years, it is my opinion that traditional environmentalists are proud of their elitism. They voice support for diversity only as a cover for discriminatory practices.”

Shortly after 9-11, The National Center asked some of the same groups AAEA contacted whether they would stand against the domestic terrorism of environmental fringe groups such as the Animal Liberation Front and Environmental Liberation Front. We got the same stony silence from more than a few, and wishy-washy responses from others.

These groups are four-square against the Bush environmental agenda and loud in their criticism, but they seem surprising silent when it comes to their own affairs.

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