Gore, Clinton & Co: Using Arsenic to Kill the Truth

I’ve been working this weekend on a new edition of our popular email newsletter Ten Second Response in preparation for Al Gore’s planned January 15 speech in which he plans to “indict” President Bush for Bush’s record on the environment and national security and, as MoveOn.org and Environment2004 put it, “explore the [Bush] Administration’s deliberate attempts to mislead the public on environmental laws and protection.”

I was up late Friday night explaining in my text that Gore lies on environmental issues. One example is Gore’s ridiculous lie that Bush “tried to increase the amount of arsenic in our water.” (To read the newsletter, which will be published on our website in advance of the speech, monitor the Ten Second Response main page, or, better yet, subscribe .

Anyway, tonight I was gratified to receive an email from the folks at Spinsanity, a web outfit that provides accuracy checks on political speech and writing on all sides of the aisle. Although Spinsanity tilts left on environmental issues, its position on Gore’s comment about Bush and arsenic ratifies my own. Spinsanity even went further and condemned Bill Clinton and Dick Gephardt for telling the same lie about Bush and arsenic. I’d only looked at Gore.

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