Whiny Actor Wants To Change Movie for PC Reasons

Project 21 member Michael King sent over a comment, which also appears in his own blog:

Actor Erik Todd Dellums (son of former U.S. Congresscritter Ron Dellums) has fired off an insulting screed to the San Francisco Chronicle begging people to boycott the Academy Award-nominated flick Cold Mountain over the lack of attention paid to slavery in the film.

The movie, based on Charles Frazier’s award-winning novel, deals with mountain folk (i.e., poor hillbillies, for lack of a better term) during the Civil War in an area where people could not afford slaves.

In other words, Dellums wants to ignore that aspect of the novel in order to have the movie make a political statement.

Dellums, who has appeared in a number of television and motion picture roles (and most widely known for his role as “Luther Mahoney” from TV’s Homicide: Life on the Street), needs to stick to acting, and leave the politicizing to his dad. If he’s so gung ho over making a statement, perhaps he should pull together 30 or 40 million dollars and make his own movie.

After all, when Mel Gibson couldn’t get The Passion made by someone else, he put his money where his mouth is.

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