A Mystery… And a Shame

Our David Almasi takes on the judiciary committee controversy, calling the charges against staffers of Senator Pat Leahy “grave” and complaining, as many conservatives are, that Senators Hatch and Frist are letting the real ethical issues be “spun away.”

Speaking of the real ethical issues, I recommend a piece by Byron York of National Review Online, who says one of the issues involved is “evidence of the direct influencing of the Senate’s advice and consent rule by the promise of campaign funding and election support in the last mid-term election.”

Quin Hillyer, also writing on NRO, takes a look at what Senator Hatch has just done. He concludes: “The whole battle over judicial nominations long ago turned sleazy, with plenty of allegations back and forth. Why Orrin Hatch should sweep the Democrats’ sleaze under the rug is both a mystery and a shame.”

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